Career Development for A&H Students

| February 8, 2017

On Monday, February 6  I attended a career development workshop hosted by the Arts & Humanities Department at Teachers College. This week’s topic covered on-campus interviewing preparation for doctoral students. By extension, Skype and phone interviews were also covered since multiple participants had recently in conversation to potential employers.

Participants began the workshop by sharing where they are in their job search. Many were just at the beginning, while others were conducting interviews. Participants that had recently engaged in Skype and phone interviews pointed out some common experiences.

  1. Studying the job description helped in preparation for conversation
  2. The call lasted around 45 minutes.
  3. Video conferences can be a comfortable environment to make a first impression.


Some questions that surfaced early on were: How much is expected from a job talk? How do I talk about my teaching philosophy and statement of purpose? What if I’m not qualified for the position?

In a round table like discussion, professors shared their reflections on the campus interview process. They drove home the importance of being “on” and being “yourself” throughout the entire campus visit. Every interaction is a test of a perspective candidate’s character. In the end, finding the right fit is based on the compatibility of a department and a candidate.


The workshop concluded with participants conducting mock Skype interviews. They critical feedback from their peers on their performance. The floor was then opened to Q&A.


There will be a repeat A&H CDP Workshop titled “Workshop: Preparing for On-Campus Interviews” on Monday, March 27th from 3:00 – 5:00PM in the library. For those who attended this week (Monday, 2/6), you should only attend if you’d like to review the same materials. For more information, visit the A&H Career Development page!