Technology for Teachers

| May 17, 2012

Recently I was on a job interview for an elementary teaching position and one question posed to me was, “Why do you want to teach?” I loved that question, because I know why: teaching is a learning profession. One thing I learned a lot about while student teaching this past year was about the growing importance of technology in the classroom. Whether it was to keep me organized or help my students succeed, technology was invaluable!  So without further ado, here is some technology to keep teachers and students learning, growing and consistently on their toes.

Technology can open doors for teachers and student

Free Technology for Teachers: This amazing blog is a labyrinth of teaching tips, links to resources and lesson plans. I write labyrinth because you can get lost on this site for hours. It has some really amazing links. Here are some of my faves:

Evernote: This is an amazing tool for teachers and students alike. It is designed to make it really easy to keep track of everything you need to do and remember in your busy teaching life. Plus, its a great tool for students who struggle with motor control. I had a student this past semester who really had a hard time using a pen or pencil. Instead, he took notes on a laptop and it made a huge difference in his success in the classroom.

Zoho sites: I love this because it is a simple, easy to use way to design web sites. Parents love to hear updates about their kids in the classroom (for the most part). By creating a class website, you can keep most of your parents up to speed about the news. Plus, keeping a class website is a great way to involve students in learning new technologies. When little Billy is done feeding Patches the guinea pig, he can upload some photos and write a quick blog post about how Patches will eat anything BUT carrots. PLUS, as a job searcher myself, I’ve decided to create a website to host my teaching portfolio. Zoho will be a really easy way for me to upload all my pdf pages and leave a link to my site after interviews.

Scholastic’s Share What You Read: Where students write book reviews for other kids. An amazing way to share your love of books online!

Comicmaster: We’ve all known students who said they hated to read or write. Then, they discovered the graphic novel or comic book and it was all over. This site allows students to write their own stories in graphic novel form. Cool!

Kids Health in the Classroom: This site offers free health-related lesson plans. This is great for students of all ages. I did a lesson on how to reduce stress by deep breathing and stretching before the state tests this year and was thrilled to see my students using the stretches and practicing the deep breathing. Health is important for all ages!