Swap A Book This Holiday Season!

| December 9, 2010

A few years ago some friends and I formed a book group. It was mostly an excuse to get together once a month and talk over drinks about stuff that interested us. Last year we decided to start a book swap. Instead of buying a book (ahem, economy),  we each brought our favorite book to swap.

It was fun to see the different selection of books. We went one at a time and each picked a book. I enjoyed the one I picked so much that I bought a new copy and sent it overseas to another friend. The book was Julia Glass’s Three Junes, and I highly suggest that everyone read it! It’s beautiful and, I can’t lie, it made me cry a little. But in kind of a good way.

This year I wasn’t sure what to give. I ended up choosing  Marisha Pessl’s Special Topics in Calamity Physics. No, the book actually has nothing to do with science; but, it is extremely good. You will have to read it yourself to find out more! One hint: it is about a group of teens and their fascinating teacher.

Has anyone else ever done a book swap for the holidays? If not, what would you swap? Would it be about the holidays or about some other topic? I’m interested!