Read a Book! Grant Writing in Higher Education: A Step-by-Step Guide

| October 21, 2010

We’re sure that you have plenty to read, but grant writing is a useful skill for the penniless grad student. For many PhD’s, the grant is actually what pays their salary after graduation.

If you end up tasked with securing funds to keep yourself in a job after graduation, why not look at Grant Writing in Higher Education: A Step-by-Step Guide (Allyn & Bacon, 2003)?

According to the publisher, this book–geared towards administration, staff and faculty of higher ed. institutions and K-12 educators–is chock full of useful information:

  • tips for effective attitudes towards grant writing
  • how to make your proposal stand out
  • a section on budget preparation
  • considerations to make concerning the funder’s expectations
  • a step-by-step guide outlining the formula for writing grants
  • a funding sources section

The author, Ken Henson, has included examples of his own successful proposals. Henson is dean of the School of Education at The Citadel.  According to his publisher, he has successfully raised over $100 million and his Introduction to Grant Writing and Writing for Publication workshops have been given on more than 200 campuses.

So, once midterms calm down and you find yourself on the bus without a tome, think about picking up this helpful guide. Or maybe take a nap…