More Technology for Teachers

| May 24, 2012

I entered the 21st century this week when my parents gave me an iPad as a present for graduating with a masters degree in elementary inclusive education.  At first I thought, “Cool! Now I can play Draw with Friends!” But then I started to think about the practical applications of owning an ipad on my teaching life. A little research taught me that there are lots of apps that have been developed to make the life of a teacher easier.

ipad apps for teachers

One website I looked at, has a list of 20 ipad apps that are useful for teachers.  Its a great list, and I’ve already looked at Teacher’s Assistant Pro and Sundry Notes (an app which might be useful for non-teachers, too). The rest of the links will take a little more time to explore – and I look forward to it!  In the meantime, has anyone out there discovered some useful teacher apps for ipad that you could share with us here at the library? Anything that you could not live without, now that you use it? Please share in the comments below!