Gottesman Dog?

| March 11, 2011

TC students endured (enjoyed?) midterms this week and the stress was palatable. I for one can still feel it: last week my cold was finally gone; this week it is back in full force. Apparently, stress weakens the immune system – I don’t think I ever knew that. Clearly, I need to calm down. Thankfully, the doctor is in:

This is my dog, Miles, a mini dachshund. I think he is eating some lace here.  Anyway, studies have shown that dogs help to reduce stress.  (Not unlike cats…) In fact, dogs are so effective (owing to their unconditional love and generally joyful demeanor) that universities like Tufts have begun to offer scheduled dog time for undergraduate students during final exams.

But what about the grad students? Yale University’s Law Library struggled with this question and ultimately decided to make “Monty”, a lovable terrier mix, available to students in 30 minute increments during exam weeks. Students can check out Monty.

Those who did reported that being able to play with or simply sit and pet Monty helped to ease their stress levels while they took breaks from studying. He does look very friendly!

Kind of an interesting idea. I’m not sure that I’m ready to share Miles, but what are your thoughts on a Gottesman dog? Any preferred breed?