Aspects of Education in the Middle East and North Africa

| July 6, 2011

Title: Aspects of Education in the Middle East and North Africa

Editors: Brock, Colin & Lila Zia Levers

Publisher: Symposium Books

Call No.: LA1430.2 .A85 2007

From the publisher:

The chapters in this volume do not represent the whole of the Middle East and North Africa, as such a collection would have been too large for one volume. Rather, the selection here is intended to present different perspectives on a range of educational issues, relevant to a particular focus or country, or common to a number of countries in the area. There is no overarching theme beyond that which is common to most of the countries in this area; such as modernity versus tradition; the spread of education effecting sociological changes – most pronounced in the rural and tribal areas; the changing fortunes and roles of women; the aspiration and expectation of youth; and the state having become the major player in providing education. These are all shared by most of the countries represented here.

About the editors:

Colin Brock is UNESCO Chair of Education as Humanitarian Response at the University of Oxford and a Fellow of St Hugh’s College,Oxford. A graduate in geography and anthropology from the University of Durham, he initially taught in secondary schools and subsequently at the universities of Reading, Leeds and Hull before moving to Oxford in 1992. From 1972 to 1974 he was Education Adviser at the Caribbean Development Division of the then Overseas Development Agency, since when he has worked in the field of comparative and ?nternational education. Colin has undertaken significant project work in the field in many locations in Africa, South and East Asia, the Americas and the tropical island zones. More recently he has become involved in the Middle East. He is the author or editor of about 30 books and over 100 chapters, articles and research reports.

Lila Zia Levers was born in Tehran where she attended primary school, before moving to England for her secondary and university education, graduating in Politics at the University of Exeter. She subsequently held a series of posts in both education and administration, culminating in the post of Graduate Studies Administrator at the Modern Languages Faculty, University of Oxford. As a long-standing member of the British Association for Comparative and International Education, she has presented papers at its conferences on aspects of education in Iran. She presented a paper at the Royal Institute of International Affairs, Chatham House, London on ‘The Iranian Revolution: ten years later’. These papers have been published. Her most recent publication is ‘Ideology and Change in Iranian Education’ in Rosarii Griffin (Ed.) Education in the Muslim World: different perspectives (Oxford: Symposium Books, 2006).