A Library Guide: How to Search for Textbooks Through EDUCAT

| August 1, 2011

Ever wanted to find a textbook in the curriculum section of the library but had trouble navigating EDUCAT? Me too. Thanks to Allen Foresta, librarian to the rescue, now I know!

Begin your search in the Advanced Search mode. Select “Subject” from one of the drop-down boxes and enter a topic. In the example below, we are looking for Science textbooks. Under “Location,” scroll down until you find the second listing for “CURR”. This will give you access to our most current curriculum listings.

From here, you can click “Submit” and sift through the results.

It seems we have come up with more results on the actual teaching of science and less on curriculum guides and textbooks. How about we revise our search?

What if we plug in a textbook publisher, such as Glencoe?

Now let’s see our results:

Excellent! Using the CURR location search along with a publisher name helped us to find some useful science textbooks. Happy searching!