The tools to build successful classrooms are found at the Library

| February 1, 2011

When reflecting on my own teaching experience, I many times felt like Inspector Gadget–working to create and use new tools (teaching strategies) to find solutions to general teaching issues (building character, helping quiet kids speak their mind, etc.).  At the beginning of my teaching experience, I was bombarded with a plethora of ideas that, unfortunately, made me feel incredibly overwhelmed.  “Oh, you’ll find what works for you, Veronica.  Just try these ideas out,” they’d tell me.  Although my colleagues were right, you do end up figuring out what works best for you, the truth is that there are some simple solutions to basic issues that appear in the classroom that should be provided to first year teachers.  I always felt that I would have been able to find my current comfort with engagement and management strategies much faster had I only sat with an experienced teacher to get ideas about the tools that fit my teaching style.

Unfortunately, not all of us new teachers have the opportunity to get in touch with an experienced teacher.  This is where the trusted TC library comes in.  The second floor of the library contains a variety of awesome books on engagement and management strategies.  My personal favorite is the SmartCard Teacher Toolbox (Lb 1044.88 S6) found on the second floor.  This resource is jam packed with simple engagement and classroom management strategies ranging from classroom building to basic graphic organizers.

If I could give new teachers any advice it would be this: If you can, check out some library resources, take the time to use these to create a classroom management and engagement plan, and have an experienced teacher look it over.  This will be one of the best things you do for yourself, and your sanity, as a future teacher.

Good luck!

You can find more cool stuff from the publisher of this toolbox at