TEDtalk Discovery: Turning Trash into Science Projects

| May 12, 2011

Teachers have got to be one of the most creative bunch of people I know.  Given the lack of funding in schools, teachers do their best to creatively use materials in ways that are not only simple and cost very little, but that are also useful to teach concepts.

This TEDtalk presents one individual’s examples of how basic household items (or those pulled from the garbage can) can be used to teach students about subject matter, particularly science. I was drawn to this not only because it reminds me of the many experiences we can give students if we are just willing to think creatively, but also because the topic reminds me about the need to teach students how to recycle.

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Beautiful Junk: Creative Classroom Uses for Recylable Materials

I’d be happy to hear from anyone else about resources teachers can use that address this topic!