Self-organisation: Counter-economic strategies

| September 6, 2011

Title: Self-organisation: Counter-economic strategies

Editors: Will Bradley, Mika Hannula, and Cristina Ricupero

Publisher: Superflex

Call Number: HD2963 .S45 2006

From the Publisher:

The book was initiated by the artists group Superflex, but it is not about them. It is about the many approaches to the creation, dissemination and maintenance of alternative models for social and economic organisation, and the practical and theoretical implications, consequences and possibilities of these self-organised structures. The counter-economic strategies presented here are alternatives to classical capitalist economic organisation that exploit, or have been produced by, the existing global economic system.

Esssays by ten writers cover a wide cross-section of activity, from new approaches to intellectual property and the implications of the free/open source software movement to political activism and the de facto self-organisation embodied in informal architecture and the so-called black economy.

Self-organisation/Counter-economic strategies is not a comprehensive overview or an attempt to unify these diverse interpretations. It is intended as a toolbox of ideas, situations and approaches, and includes many practical examples.

About the Editors:

The editors are part of a Danish art collective whose projects seek to voice opinions with a focus on social and economic consciousness about issues affecting the general public.

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