Search with Ease at the Gottesman Libraries

| January 30, 2012

This post will discuss the valuable search features found at the top of the library webpage. You can see these features below:

Before you begin your search,  it’s important to take note that the default for the drop-down menu is set to SuperSearch.

What’s SuperSearch? SuperSearch searches multiple catalogs and databases to find information related to your topic.  Here’s an example of what the screen will look like.

When you click on one of the blue links, the page will refresh and you will need to scroll down in order to view the items related to this link.  This search feature is especially useful if you have a broad topic.  To narrow down your results, check out instructions about how to limit your search using SuperSearch.

Other useful search features found in the drop-down menu:

Search the TC or CU catalogs: These can be searched individually or together.  The TC catalog includes the books at the TC Library, while the CU catalog includes the books at almost all the Columbia libraries outside of TC.  Keep in mind that these are two separate catalogs.

Pocketknowledge: Check out the library’s digital archive.  Get an account here.

Knowledge Database: Looking for information about library policies and processes?  This is the place to search!