Can you answer these TC Library FAQs?

| August 25, 2011

The answers to the following 7 questions are found at the bottom of this post….

Good luck!

1) If I need to speak face to face with a reference librarian about my research, where can I make an appointment?

a) Click on “Ask a librarian a question” on our home page and select the second option

b) Our librarians can answer your research questions telepathically

2) What is the fee for an overdue reserve book or an overdue laptop?

a) 50 cents per  hour

b) 50 pesos per hour

3) If I have fees, where do I pay?

a) You can only pay online (look for the  link on our library home page)

b) You can only pay at the circulation desk

4) How can I pay for printing at the library? (Note: price per page is 15 cents and instructions are at the circulation desk)

a)You can use a credit card at the printers

b) Use the black Flex machine on the second floor to upload a 5 dollar cash minimum onto your TC ID or purchase a flex card from the machine

5) If the laptop I have borrowed locks, what is the password?

a) supercalifragilisticexpialidotious

b) password

6) What is Educat?

a) The TC library’s catalog (If you’re looking for books at other libraries, use CLIO)

b) The library’s cat that wanders the stacks and likes to sneak up on studying students

7) Can I turn in books from other Columbia libraries at TC?

a) Yup

b) No

And the answers are….

1) a; 2) a; 3) a; 4) b; 5) b; 6) a; 7) b

Hold on to your seats…more quizzes to come!!

** use our Knowledge database to get all of the answers you need about library policies.  You can find it in the dropdown menu at the top of the home page