Internships and the nonprofit world

| May 31, 2011

Some of us are venturing, perhaps for the first time, into the world of nonprofits this Summer.  We are hopeful that the skills we gather will support our resume, fuel our passion for education, and help us understand, at a deeper level, the ins and outs of the nonprofit sector.  As we begin to delve into this world, I find it may be interesting to compare our own on-the-job experiences to those insights provided by authors who have written about nonprofits.  Why? Well, because given my own experiences with leadership, I find the learning in any situation to be cemented firmly when one is exposed to diverse viewpoints.  In other words, as you experience management, leadership, and organization, you are also able to compare your experiences to the content you are reading.

So….here are a few books that are available at the Gottesman Library regarding nonprofit management.

Click here for other titles (many available as ebooks) at the Gottesman Library

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