Interethnic communication: Current research

| July 5, 2011

Title: Interethnic communication: Current research

Editor: Young Yun Kim

Publisher: Sage Publications

Call Number: HM258 .I57 1986

About the Book:

This volume deals with the theme of interethnic communication. It is the first anthology on interethnic relations that consists entirely of communication-focused studies.|Focusing on specific aspects of interethnic communication, these studies incorporate a wide range of varied perspectives and theories for analyses. The studies are generally arranged from the most intrapersonal (psychological) to the most interpersonal (social). The first four studies are analyses of message-decoding patterns. Specifically, they deal with ethnic patterns of cognitive and affective orientation in the context of interethnic communication. The next five studies focus on language and verbal and nonverbal behavior in interethnic interactions. The final two chapters examine the role of ethnicity in interpersonal relationship development across ethnic groups.

About the Editor:

Dr. Young Yun Kim is a professor in the Department of Communication at the University of Oklahoma, Norman. Prof. Kim has published over 100 book chapters and refereed articles in academic journals including Communication Yearbook, Human Communication Research, and International Journal of Intercultural Relations. As author or editor, she has produced 12 intercultural books including Interethnic Communication

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