Essential Books for First Year Teachers

| March 2, 2011

Throughout the process of your preparation to be a teacher there are quite a bit of books thrown your way.  Everyone has suggestions–classroom management, working with parents, engagement–the list is endless.  While all of those books are MEGA essential, it wasn’t until my second year teaching, feeling somewhat alone, that I realized how relieved one can be when you encounter a book or a person that mirrors the challenges you’re facing.

The following books were instrumental in helping to maintain a positive perspective…and my sanity …….

Title: Teacher Man

Author: Frank McCourt

Quote from book: “I was uncomfortable with the bureaucrats, the higher-ups, who had escaped classrooms only to turn and bother the occupants of those classrooms, teachers and students. I never wanted to fill out their forms, follow their guidelines, administer their examinations, tolerate their snooping, adjust myself to their programs and courses of study.”

This book is available at TC

Frank McCourt’s book, although reflecting the teaching experiences of someone who was immersed in his first year teaching far before I was born, provides a humorous and relatable look at the feelings, experiences, and hurdles faced by first year teachers.

Title: Educating Esme: Diary of a Teachers First Year

Author: Esme Raj Codell

Quote from book: “The difference between a beginning teacher and an experienced one is that the beginning teacher asks, ‘How am I doing?’ and the experienced teacher asks, ‘How are the children doing?’”

This book is available at TC