Colorín Colorado…: Author study, Alma Flor Ada

| April 21, 2012

About the Author:

Of  Cuban descent, Alma Flor Ada is the author of numerous children’s books and adult literature in both English and Spanish.  Most themes draw from her own or students’ experiences as Latinos in both the United States and Latin America.

Books at TC:

My name is Maria Isabel

Call #: Juv PZ7.A1857 My 1993 (2nd floor reading room)

Illustrator:K. Dyble Thompson

Reading level: 4th grade, 2nd month

Gathering the sun: An alphabet in Spanish and English

Call #: Juv PQ7079.2.A32 G38 1997 (2nd floor reading room)

Illustrator: Simon Silva

Reading level: 4th grade, 1st month

I love Saturdays y domingos

Call #: Juv PZ7.A1857 I66 2002 (2nd floor reading room)

Illustrator: Elivia Savadier

Reading level: 3rd grade, 1st month

Jordi’s Star

Call #: Juv PZ7.S1857 Sh 1996 (2nd floor reading room)

Illustrator: Susan Gaber

Reading level: 4th grade, 1st month

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