A Library Guide: How to request a journal article from the closed stacks

| September 27, 2011

While many journal articles are found in electronic format, chances are you’ll run into a few that are not.  What do you do in these cases?  Follow the steps below to request an article that is only in hard copy. Once you request it, we’ll scan it for you and email it to you!

Two notes before we get started:

Note 1: If you want to browse an entire volume, you can request it by clicking on the closed stack link found in the item record in Educat.  In this case, we’ll place the volume on the hold shelf and email you when it’s ready for pick up.

Note 2: Always try to search for the journal article in electronic format first.  The journal article I’m using as an example is found in electronic format (I had zero luck finding an article that we only have in hard copy), so we’ll have to imagine that our electronic search for the article retrieved zero results.

I’ll be searching for  an article in Anthropology and Education Quarterly titled “Adequate Schools and Inadequate Education: The Life History of a Sneaky Kid,” volume 14, issue 1 ,p. 3-32

1) Make sure that the article is not available electronically.  You can do this by typing the name of the journal “Anthropology and Education Quarterly” into Educat (our library catalog).  Make sure to select the  “title” tab before you type.

2) This retrieved two results.  One link will take you to the electronic version which has articles from 1976 on.  The other link will take you to the list of hard copies we have in the library which are from 1979 on.

3) Selecting the first link will take you to the list of the volumes we own in hard copy.  To view the entire list of volumes, click on the title once more.

4) Now that you know the volume you are looking for is available, you can request it by logging in to your reserve account by clicking on “Request Materials” from the library home page.  Then click on “make a request.” Then log in using your UNI and password.

5) Once logged in, click on the yellow “Make a request” link on the top right hand corner, then select “journal or newspaper article” on the next page.

6) On the next page, you will be prompted to enter the title of the article you are looking for.  This is to determine whether or not the item may have already been scanned for someone else and is already readily available in electronic format. Because the item has not been requested before, I am prompted to continue.

7) Fill in all of the info required that is starred and hit “next” on the bottom of the page.

8) Done!!