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Welcome to Pressible! This list of resources is a general guide to using Pressible in a powerful way to publish and share your content. On Pressible, you can create a blog-like site based on our templated system, and begin publishing with very little set-up time. If you’d like further assistance, the library team routinely does hands-on sessions with Pressible administrators, editorial teams, and authors. Submit a Support Request for any issue:

Getting Support

About the Pressible Network

  • Broader than “TC”

  • Featured posts and sites

  • Google-driven search (no federated search)

See our Demonstration Site

  • Pressible Options

    • Social media badges

    • Sidebar text/footer

    • Analytics

  • Pages

    • Adding pages [see details on About]

    • Searchable, appear as Related Posts

  • Posts

    • Related posts (auto: based on tags and text analysis)

    • Reposting (great for the TC community; “viral seeding” pageviews for organic search)

    • Facebook and Twitter buttons

  • Dashboard

    • Built on WordPress w/set functionality

    • “Featured Embed Code”

    • Masked header image

    • Domain redirect (point your site to a custom domain for greater flexibility in the future)

Here are some example sites that may be useful:

The TC library uses Pressible to create a fairly traditional blog:

This group publishes a lot of video and other embedded media:

This group uses Pressible as an online newsletter:

This TC Program uses Pressible to publish content to their main site (using RSS):

This TC Program uses Pressible to connect students to alumni:

The TC Admissions office has begun using Pressible as an outreach tool:

. . .  and there are currently 300+ other sites on the Pressible Network:


You can display RSS on another website. The office of the web can display Pressible posts on a TC website using RSS feeds. An example of this is the English Education department:

For assistance with the TC CMS, contact: