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Engaging Students from Disadvantaged Backgrounds 

On March 30th, Mr. Joseph Matthews led an insightful workshop entitled "Athletics vs Academics: Bridging the Gap Between Teachers Who Love School and Students Who Love Sports" as part of a series of workshops being held this semester at the Gottesman Libraries.  Mr. Matthews brings his experiences …

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Welcome Back! 

Congratulations! You made it through the first day of classes! 2016 is now in full swing, but adjusting to the winter weather and a new semester at the same time may make you wish you were stuck in the past. If you're looking for ways to be here now and draw your focus to the …

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The Minds behind Mindful Lights 

An inside look at the interactive installation at Offit Gallery with EdLab Design Team. Mindful Lights is an interactive installation exploring how light and material can create a space for students to experience a moment of mindfulness. EdLab designers Veronica Black, Min Sung Kwak, Seungkyun Lee, and Jackie “Neon” Simon, examine the uses of LED …

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If you give a mouse a cookie… 

She'll share it with a mime. If you give a mime a cookie... Happy Halloween from the services team! Oh yes, enjoy some mini (mouse) cookies.

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News from the Everett News Cafe 

While grabbing your coffee from the Everett Cafe before heading into the library, you may notice that the space looks different this semester. Gone are the newspapers hanging on the wall, instead replaced with a screen that cycles through numerous front pages. Where a small grouping of books used to sit, there is now an …

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Hold Fast to Dreams 

Higher education is often seen as a potential silver bullet for breaking cycles of poverty in the US, yet research continually finds that low-income students face perversely daunting barriers to attending college and completing degrees. This has been true for generations and many know it to be true now, but much conversation and scholarship on this issue …

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Copyright Basics for Everyone part 2: How to Use Intellectual Property without Breaking the Law and Offending People 

Photo credit: Timothy Vollmer I have a confession to make: I have probably infringed on a few copyrights in my time. You probably have too unwittingly. You need an image to add to a PowerPoint presentation, report, or website, so you do a Google image search, grab one of the images, and use it. This, …

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Creativity, Courage, & Arts Education 

In the introduction to A Whole New Mind, author Daniel Pink outlines the incredible paradigm shift occurring in society. He writes, "the last few decades have belonged to a certain kind of person with a certain kind of mind - computer programmers who could crank code, lawyers who could craft contracts, MBAs who could crunch …

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Instead of Sitting, Care to Try a Standing or Treadmill Desk? 

As any doctor, chiropractor or physical trainer can attest, sitting around all day is harmful for your health. Yet thousands upon thousands of students, teachers and other workers spend countless hours slouched in front of computer screens or hunched over cubicles and desks. At Teachers College Library, visitors have the option of staying on their …

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Announcing the Upcoming Teachers Lab at Brooklyn Public Library 

An upcoming workshop aimed at New York City teachers of grades 4-12 will focus on teaching and learning resources available through the Brooklyn Public Library (BPL) and is targeted towards sparking innovative lesson plan design. Taught by experienced librarians and special guests, the “Teachers Lab” is a free two-week course running from August 11-22 that …

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Earthquake for Teachers College? 

A coworker recently informed me of a fairly-inactive fault line within walking distance of Teachers College. Coined "the 125th Street fault" -- the reason the 1 train stop is elevated -- the line runs from New Jersey through to the east side of Manhattan (the East River). Though earthquake activity in and around New York City …

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Meet Antonia. 

Hello! I’m Antonia, and I'm a new Services Associate at the Teachers College. Are you a Teachers College student, and, if so, what are you studying? No, I got my MSIS at the University of Texas at Austin, with emphases in research, outreach services, and archival work. Where’s your hometown? Baltimore, Maryland. John Waters is my …

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Library Resources for Teaching English in the Classroom 

Over the past two decades, the number of non-native English speakers in the United States school system has more than doubled.i These demographic changes have put greater emphasis on the challenges involved in teaching English language Learners (ELLs), which range from issues in communication among teachers, students and parents, and the pace of lessons in the …

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Volunteer Teaching Programs Overseas Give New Teachers a Jumpstart 

Ever thought about becoming a volunteer teacher overseas? Beyond simply doing a good deed, volunteering as a teacher in foreign countries can be a deeply rewarding experience in your post-graduate degree life. As an educator abroad, you will see and become more immersed in the local life and culture and may in fact also experience …

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Library Resources and Services for Gender, Education and International Development 

Browse the following post to find out more about: •Ask a Librarian Services •Online Catalogs •Federated Search Engines •Periodical Indexes •E-Collections •Reference Materials and Encylopedias •Digital archives (i.e. Pocket Knowledge) •Research Consultations Ask a Librarian! •Under library services on our homepage, click the ‘Ask a Librarian’ link to find out about how to make appointments …

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TEDx at TC 

This week TC is hosting its own TEDx event in the Cowin Auditorium. The non-profit TED conferences have become well-known for their promotion of innovative ideas which range from technology and design to education, just to name a few. In 2009, the TED folks took their forum to the global streets with TEDx events, …

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Submitting Support Requests 

Following up on Anne and Clare’s How-To Posts, I’m going to cover some basics of support requests A library staff member has just asked you to submit a support request. What does that even mean?! What’s the point? How does it work? The Gottesman Libraries Support Request System is an email form system that we …

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ResearchBroker Open House 

Today from 3pm - 5pm on the second floor we will be having an open house for ResearchBroker! There will be cookies and the opportunity to chat with the team about your research passions and how ResearchBroker can help you. We hope to see you later this afternoon!

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Getting ready for the Olympics 

The Summer Olympic games are approaching. I absolutely loved the Olympics growing up. As a child I fantasized of being a gold medalist ice skater in the winter and a gold medalist gymnast in the summer. I loved the entertainment of the opening ceremony, the excitement of the competition, and the inspiring stories of the …

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Why Citation is Important: a video from our friends at Kimbel Library 

Some lovely people at Coastal Carolina University have created a series of Library Instruction videos for the Kimbel Library. If you click through to the videos page and scroll down, you can find out more information about the 3 creators (John WattsJoshua Vossler, and Tim Hodge) as well as more about their design …

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