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Virtual Reality at the Library 

Every day, a physical copy of the New York Times is available to patrons at the Gottesman libraries. If you get the paper delivered to you, you may have been as excited as we were to find that something special had come along with the Saturday paper two weeks ago. This edition of the weekend paper came …

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Maker Culture & Makerspaces in Libraries 

In recent years, maker culture has emerged as an all-ages movement, marked by a DIY ethic and communal sharing of resources & knowledge. Makerspaces have popped up all over as centers where people come together to share resources, knowledge, and ‘stuff’* in their creative pursuits. This is an intriguing concept to a lot of librarians …

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Find Digital Research Tools: Bamboo DiRT 

As a kind of follow-up to Anne's post on altmetrics and associated tools, I'd like to share a big list of links to all kinds of tools called Bamboo DiRT. Bamboo DiRT is a directory for an assortment of digital research tools for scholarly use with such categories as Analyze data, Communicate with colleagues, …

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Scalar: The next big thing in scholarly publishing? 

To all those following our commentaries on open access, e-books, the scholarly communication crisis, and educational technologies, there is a new platform out there that touches on all of these while tossing in a taste of the Semantic Web and information visualization too. The Alliance for Networking Visual Culture recently released Scalar, described as a …

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The Amplify Tablet: News Corp.’s tablet for the classroom 

Yesterday, Amplify, the education unit of News Corp., released a tablet that promises to enhance the classroom experience for students and teachers alike. For students, the Amplify Tablet features a personal interface as well as search tools, applications, and content made specifically for educational purposes. For teachers, it offers a centralized place for accessing and …

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Disney: Getting to Know You 

As Disney rolls out their new paperless Magic Kingdom experience this Spring, reporters in the tech world have been asking if this development presents a positive, tech-savvy future or a Big Brotherish nightmare. (Including an InfoWorld article here, and an excellent NYT article, here.) MyMagic+ is Disney’s new vision for a digital present: customers will …

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Considering the Cloud 

Cloud storage seems to be the way of the future in our increasingly mobile, tapped in world. Reasons for wanting cloud storage include: a way to back up the files on your computer in case it crashes, a way to access and work on files from multiple devices and have them sync, and a way …

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Linked Jazz releases video 

Do you like data? Do you like jazz? Then you'll love Linked Jazz, a project based at the Pratt Institute School of Information and Library Science. What is Linked Jazz, you say? I'm glad you asked. Linked Jazz is a project investigating the potential of the application of Linked Open Data (LOD) technology to enhance …

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Finding a Suitable PDF App for the iPad 

In developing the Scholars at TC show, library designers decided to create an interactive pdf as the basis for the show. There are several cool things about interactive pdfs: Easy to create (in Adobe InDesign!) Easy to share, as anyone with a pdf viewer can view it (i.e., everyone on their own device, on or …

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Digital Humanities 2012: July 16-22 

Digital Humanities 2012, a conference that brings together digital humanists from around the world, is taking place right now at the University of Hamburg in Germany. Held under the auspices of the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organization, this annual event offers a multitude of intriguing events covering an impressive range of subjects. This year's line-up …

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NYC Digital Humanities and Performing Arts Meetup 

For all digital humanists and performing arts enthusiasts out there, and especially for those who might name themselves by both of these worthy titles, there is a Digital Humanities and Performing Arts Meetup just for you taking place this coming Thursday, June 14, 2012. It features presentations of two very intriguing projects: Linked Jazz and …

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The e-book war in public libraries 

A recently published article in on Mind/Shift clearly articulates the e-book lending war between libraries and publishers--namely, that publishers feel threatened by the ease with which patrons can check out e-books, and are trying to encumber public libraries with book lending restrictions, making it expensive, more difficult, or in some cases simply impossible to lend …

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The “Not So Fast” Net 

Is the internet speeding things up? The general consensus on this question is yes, yes it is. That's also likely your answer, whether you groan about kids and their newfangled technologies, line up for the next new thing to be released at the local Best Buy, or just grind away at a computer for school …

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‘Possibility’ in Design 

Of late I have encountered quit a few articles, monographs, or lectures where design scholars have discussed notions of “possibility” in relation to critical analyses on design, which often focus on design as both a social construct and political category for organizing social action. In the process I have become fascinated by the frequent conceptual …

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On books, and the death of print 

For years I’ve proudly declared myself a print enthusiast, the kind of person who cringes when hearing the phrase “print is dead,” and yet I have a perhaps morbid (ahem) fascination with the e-book reader debate.  In particular, I find it curious how many New York Times writers publish nervous pieces about their worry over …

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Biologically inspired intelligent robots 

Title: Biologically inspired intelligent robots Editors: Yoseph Bar-Cohen and Cynthia Breazeal Publisher:  SPIE Press Call number: TJ211 .B38 2003 From the Publisher: Advances in biologically-inspired technologies, such as artificial intelligence and artificial muscles, are making the possibility of engineering robots that look and behave like humans a closer reality. The multidisciplinary issues involved in …

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Google + 

Like more than 4 million other people, I'm up and running on Google +. Not at all phased by the disappointing Wave, Buzz or Orkut, I eagerly accepted my + invitation despite knowing little about it. (What can I say?  I'm a glass- half- full kind of girl.) I usually wait to sign on to …

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Wii U 

What are "emerging technologies" in libraries? I've seen the phrase used with increased frequency in the library science profession, including many positions established in academic libraries for an Emerging Technologies Librarian. Yet, many of these job descriptions don't define what emerging technologies are, and perhaps that is the challenge for librarians who take on these …

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