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Data and Fashion 

When you think of wearable technology, the Apple watch probably comes to mind and maybe futuristic ways that we can wear tech in our clothing. Wearable Media, whose work is currently exhibited on the second floor of the Gottesman Library, works to fuse fashion and technology to make innovative, responsive garments. At a recent workshop on …

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Future Textile Library in the Gottesman Libraries 

The perfect blend of high tech and high fashion is now on display in the Second Floor Reading Room. Wearable Media, a group focusing on bringing data to life through engineering and cutting-edge textile design, installed the Future Textile Library as a display of how many boundaries can be pushed when art and science are …

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Advice from a Former Student Slacker 

In New York Times opinion piece 'College Advice I Wish I'd Taken', college writing professor Susan Shapiro reflects on some bad habits of hers as a former student after gaining a fresh perspective as a current educator. Shapiro's suggestions on how students can get the most out of their classes, as well as how to …

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Privacy week 

The American Library Association designated May 1st-7th as Choose Privacy Week. Rather than add more stuff to finals week, I decided to wait until this week when we all have time to do the deep dive into online privacy. Taking the steps to protect on online privacy can be tough. While the majority of us are …

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#Colorourcollections, Mo Willems, & Book Chains 

#Colorourcollections February 6th - 10th is #colorourcollections week! Libraries and Special Collections around the world have digitized parts of their collections for you to color and enjoy. There are 95 different organizations participating this year, including Digital Public Library of America and Biodiversity Heritage Library. A full list of participating organizations can be found here<span style="font-weight: …

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Remembering Mort Schindel 

Stepping into the colorful book mobile parked in front of the main steps of Teachers College, I stumble across Clifford, of all creatures. Big, red, and furry, for real. Bigger, in fact, than the person whom I really came to see -- Mr. Morton Schindel, distinguished alumnus (M.A, audiovisual education, 1946) and founder of Weston Woods, …

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Workshopping RoadWork: Memories Under Construction 

Summer is officially here! It's a time where creativity flourishes and memories are made. There couldn't be a better time to experience RoadWork: Memories Under Construction in Macy Gallery. You can view the installation at any time, but the next two Thursdays - June 23 from 3-5 PM and June 30 from 2-5 PM - you can …

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Taking a Study Break with Abby the Therapy Dog- Here at Gottesman Libraries! 

It's a busy time at Teachers College with finals around the corner. Everyone is studying, finishing projects, writing papers, and taking tests.  The library is always trying to find ways to ease the stress and frustration of finals week, whether it be staying open until 1:00 A.M. until May 9, providing complimentary chocolates for students …

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Virtual Reality at the Library 

Every day, a physical copy of the New York Times is available to patrons at the Gottesman libraries. If you get the paper delivered to you, you may have been as excited as we were to find that something special had come along with the Saturday paper two weeks ago. This edition of the weekend paper came …

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Maker Culture & Makerspaces in Libraries 

In recent years, maker culture has emerged as an all-ages movement, marked by a DIY ethic and communal sharing of resources & knowledge. Makerspaces have popped up all over as centers where people come together to share resources, knowledge, and ‘stuff’* in their creative pursuits. This is an intriguing concept to a lot of librarians …

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It’s Happening: Bookless Library Opens at Florida Polytechnic University 

At Florida Polytechnic University’s new library, students can check out over 135,000 licensed ebooks, but not a single physical book is included in the collection.  This is striking for many reasons, but especially from a collection development perspective: when students check out an ebook more than twice, the book is automatically purchased.  Using student data …

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Values and Learning Modalities 

“Pass It On” TV commercials from were the experimental learning modality used at the monthly meeting of the Socratic Conversations on Thursday, September 18th.  In Lights! Camera!! Values!!? the group explored their basic values by responding to one-minute dramatic pieces on significant themes, like believing in yourself (courage and perseverance), making a difference (generosity …

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Data artist Laurie Frick 

New York and Austin-based installation artist Laurie Frick recently gave a talk at Pratt (where I study library & information science) entitled "The Art of Self-Surveillance" (here's a storify of some tweets about the talk). Though unfortunately I wasn't able to attend, I was intrigued by her use of "self-tracking" about things like mood, sleep …

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Designing Learning Spaces in the Everett Library Café 

The Designing Learning Spaces Collection is now available for perusal in the Everett Library Café. These books explore library and learning space architecture and planning, design elements like furniture, alternative classroom use cases, and even digital learning space design. These items are meant to support the Teachers College community in our redesign of the fourth …

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The Books Are Alright; Why Print Isn’t Doomed in the E-book Industry 

Despite having grown up in a technologically-dominated age, in which everything from music, television, shopping, and even the way we spend time with other people is gradually becoming digitized, there's one thing I can't bring myself to adapt to, and that is using e-books. Reading is one of the first things I learned to enjoy, …

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Call for DJ’s: Now Receiving Applications 

"Oh, uh, oh, I heard it on the radio....." (Ross Lynch) Are you... or do you want to be a dj? Let us come and see your show, and let the good times go on n' on! We are pleased to announce the expansion of the Everett Cafe music program to include the art …

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Pressible As A Learning Tool 

Since I'm new to the library, I've been trying to learn everything I can about how everything works, including Pressible. I've spent the past week digging through Google Analytics, and I'd love to discuss some of my findings. I looked at monthly stats for Learning at the Library from August 2012 until now, and compared …

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Digital Humanities updates 

It's a busy summer for folks in the digital humanities. Here's a quick overview of some of the developments in the DH community: dh +lib has released a mini-series called Make It New?, a collection of articles that continue the conversation about collaborations and connections between digital humanities and libraries in response to the Journal …

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Find Digital Research Tools: Bamboo DiRT 

As a kind of follow-up to Anne's post on altmetrics and associated tools, I'd like to share a big list of links to all kinds of tools called Bamboo DiRT. Bamboo DiRT is a directory for an assortment of digital research tools for scholarly use with such categories as Analyze data, Communicate with colleagues, …

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Altmetrics: alternative modes for assessing scholarly impact 

Citation tools like the Web of Science, Scopus, and Google Scholar all allow scholars and researchers to track the impact of academic articles by tracking the number of times a work has been cited. But in today's digital media landscape, people tweet about articles, reblog digital content, blog about articles, re-post individual paragraphs or ideas …

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