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Wearable Books 

Most of us librarians really...really love books. I also really love jewelry. Last week, my like-minded coworker and I visited an exhibit at The Gallery at Reinstein|Ross on 30 Gansevoort Street in Chelsea. Located in the gallery's back room, "Read and Worn: Jewelry from Books" exhibited works by five artists from around the world. Their wearable pieces had with one …

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Visiting the Cooper Hewitt, Part 1 

One morning I arrive at work to find a cartload of framed art pulled from the library's closed stacks for the Brushes with History: Imagination and Innovation in Art Education History conference and exhibit – select pieces from the Dow and Ziegfeld collections loaded up for loan to Macy Gallery. As I compile the inventory, I discover a …

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Cheaper than a Free Lunch: Budget Beauty 

Beauty -- a subject debated ad nauseum since the beginning of time. Everything from the removal of body hair to changing hair color, length, and style. For men -- to 'stach or not to 'stach? Should they wear beards, goatees, that little annoying triangle of hair below the lip (a soul patch)?  Enhancing one's beauty …

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Cheaper than a Free Lunch: Winter Clothing 

I thought about all of the posts I could contribute and most relate back to budgeting. So, perhaps I will stick to this blog title, a nickname graciously given to me by my mother. My late great uncle once used this phrase to refer to his extremely wealthy, stingy friend. Fortunately, I am neither --  …

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TC’s lack of class 

It occurred to me the other day that, for what is alleged to be an Ivy League institution, TC sure doesn't have a lot of formal social events. Maybe I was spoiled by my undergraduate University, where we had 'formals' twice a week and the opportunity of several black-tie events per semester, but I still …

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