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Grassroots Algorithms: A New Book Display on Social Media 

Reposted from Learning at the Library. Written by Jennifer Govan.

Looking into the crystal ball, we see a plethora of possibilities that may foretell the future -- good or bad -- of social media. Creativity on the up, privacy on the line, video more integrated, advertising run wild... We also can harvest data, crunching numbers to make sense of current trends and future directions of websites …

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TC Program Snapshot 

Here's a quick look at which TC students have signed up to create content on Pressible!

Reposted from Pressible Development. Written by Brian Hughes.

Thanks to our sign-up form, we have “TC Program” information for the last 200 Authors to sign up (out of 1,072 Authors affiliated with TC programs or offices). The number of Authors in each Program/area is as follows: Adult Learning and Leadership - 1 Anthropology and Education - 1 Applied Statistics - 1 Art & Art …

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Why Startups Need Libraries (And Librarians) 

Thank you for this informative post, Lauren!

Reposted from Lauren Restivo. Written by laurenrestivo.

The Startup Buzz Tomorrow, the United States will celebrate National Entrepreneurs' Day, which began in 2010 when the Obama administration first proclaimed November as National Entrepreneur Month. Paired a few months later with the 2011 launch of the Startup America initiative, National Entrepreneur Day recognizes, for the first time, the American entrepreneurial spirit as a …

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The Books Are Alright; Why Print Isn’t Doomed in the E-book Industry 

Despite having grown up in a technologically-dominated age, in which everything from music, television, shopping, and even the way we spend time with other people is gradually becoming digitized, there's one thing I can't bring myself to adapt to, and that is using e-books. Reading is one of the first things I learned to enjoy, …

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A Library for the People 

By Susan Bernofsky Director, Literary Translation at Columbia, Columbia University School of the Arts; Chair, PEN Translation Committee Right now I'm in a relatively privileged position: As a professor at Columbia University, I have access to one of the best research libraries in the world. And at other times in my life, I have been …

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ALA’s frequently challenged books of the 21st century 

Each year, the American Library Association's Office for Intellectual Freedom compiles a list of the top ten most frequently challenged books in order to inform the public about censorship in libraries and schools. The ALA condemns censorship and works to ensure free access to information. A challenge is defined as a formal, written complaint, filed with …

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Talk Back to the Internet 

Sounds like a great digital art event! See you there?

Reposted from Myers Media Art Studio. Written by mediaartstudio.

Talk Back to the Internet a making workshop event Myers Media Art Studio, Program in Art & Art Education Organized by Sean Justice & Richard Jochum, and sponsored by the Myers Media Art Studio, Program in Art & Art Education. Led by Don Miller, an artist and learning designer. (See below for a short bio …

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Process in the Education Program 

"It is what you read when you don't have to that determines what you will be when you can't help it." -- Oscar Wilde

Reposted from Learning at the Library. Written by Jennifer Govan.

“Why do we do what we do?” asks a colleague over the cranking of coffee machines in the Everett Café. I flip through the numbers and think through the presentations: an estimated 1,500 events since the inception of the Gottesman Libraries' Education Program, enhanced by introductions at professional conferences, staff meetings, and the events themselves. …

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A Service Design Opportunity 

Here is a reflection on a recent workshop I attended. Check out my thoughts on a library-related project! Do you have any ideas for related projects?

Reposted from Art As Work. Written by Brian Hughes.

I just participated in a two day workshop run by Engine, a UK design group that focuses on applying diverse design processes to designing customer-oriented services. The workshop focused on designing services that are complex by nature, usually involving "four P's": People, Places, Processes, and Products (not to be confused with the four P's of marketing). …

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ACRL 2011: Day 3 Ivory Towers, Knives, and Clinton Kelly 

Reposted from Shelfless. Written by Julia Martin.

(Shelf Reader app presented By Dr. Bo Brickman) Morning Keynote: Jaron Lenier: I've been thinking about the stuff that Jaron brought up during his talk basically since it happened and am finding it difficult to come up with a way to summarize his talk with some sort of mission and message. Here's an attempt from …

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Publishing with Libraries 

See my reflections on this conference over on my personal Pressible site... where you can always see my more political views. :)

Reposted from Art As Work. Written by Brian Hughes.

Last week I attended the annual Association of College & Research Libraries conference in Philadelphia. Julia and I presented a poster on Pressible, and how our library is using it to expand the publishing possibilities available to our community. I attended panel and paper sessions on "embedded librarianship, "building lean and mean web project teams," …

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Digital Collections – University of Minnesota 

I thought I would re-purpose a post I wrote for my personal Pressible site, Librophile. I wanted to share some of the digital collections openly available through my alma mater, the University of Minnesota.

Reposted from Librophile. Written by addie.

I really enjoyed my undergraduate experience at the University of Minnesota, and I am proud of my public school education. Situated in the middle of Minneapolis, straddling the Mississippi River, the U of M campus is one of the largest in the country. In fact, the school is so large that there is an additional …

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The Death and Life of the Great American School System: A Review 

Check It Out: LA217.2 .R38 2009 c.4

Reposted from Arts & Humanities. Written by jayhammond.

"The Death and Life of the Great American School System” has been one of the most talked about books around Teachers College this summer. Having finally digested what this work has to offer, I can understand why. Diane Ravitch writes with the rigor and clarity of a fine historian, about issues that are all too …

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What is college really for? More thoughts on society and the liberal arts 

Reposted from Arts & Humanities. Written by jayhammond.

In his recent book “Shop Class as Soul Craft,” Matthew B. Crawford calls into question the prevailing sentiment that “knowledge work” is somehow more intrinsically valuable than skilled trade labor. Crawford earned a Ph.D in political philosophy from the University of Chicago, and is now a fellow and the institute for advanced studies at the …

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Book Talk – Computer Clubhouse 

Gail Breslow is Director of the Intel Computer Clubhouse Network and has overseen the dissemination of the Computer Clubhouse to community-based organizations both nationally and internationally since 1995. In addition, she has spearheaded the development of programs such as Hear Our Voices (a Clubhouse program for girls and young women); Clubhouse-to-College/Clubhouse-to-Career; and Beyond Four Walls: …

Reposted from Gottesman Video Collective. Written by Spam.

A book talk with Gail Breslow, Fred Riedel and several students demonstrating the work that is accomplished at the Computer Clubhouses. Publishing Location: Will be published on the Library pressible blog. Producer Notes: This is a different take on the previous edit.  I tried to incorporate more of the 'book talk' event but I still …

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