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Moral Development and Moral Education 

Title: Moral Development and Moral Education Author: R. S. Peters Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers Ltd, 1981 About the Author: Peters was a professional philosopher who specialized in philosophical psychology and philosophy of education. He famously coined the term 'paradox of moral education', a treatment of which can be found in chapter two of the present volume. …

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Tattoo or not to Tattoo: The body as canvas 

I find myself engrossed with tattoos these days - I see it everywhere I go; on the subway, the bus, sidewalks, magazines, television...everywhere - and I sigh.  I want one, and I am entranced. Why do they do it? Why tattoo ALL over your body? Is it celebration? Is it art? Is it sacrilege? So many …

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Historic Juvenile Collection: Fairy Tales 

Magic spells, glass slippers, talking animals and feisty ogres…this is the stuff many fairy tales are made of. Surprisingly, perhaps, to some of us, fairy tales weren’t always popular and weren’t always for children. Some of my former blog posts have illustrated examples of “appropriate” books for children in the 1600 and 1700s - mostly …

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