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Career Development for A&H Students 

This week I attended a career development workshop hosted by the Arts & Humanities Department at Teachers College. This week's topic covered on-campus interviewing preparation for doctoral students. Dr. Christine Baron, Assistant Professor of Social Studies, and Dr. Ansley Erickson, Assistant Professor of History and Education, shared their experiences with on-campus interviewing for academic university …

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10 Weeks of Neurodynamic Lunch Hour with Dr. Ted Dimon 

Yesterday was the first in a ten-week series of lunch hour workshops with Dr. Ted Dimon, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Education and Psychology at Teachers College. His "Neurodynamic Lunch Hours," from 12:30 - 1:30PM in our library in Russell Hall, are making a comeback this year. At yesterday's lunch hour (snacks and beverages welcome), we watched …

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Abby the Therapy Dog Visits the Library! 

Today, the library welcomed Abby and her owner Karen Baldwin to brighten up finals week. Abby and Karen come to TC from the Good Dog Foundation, and Abby is a certified therapy dog who helps bring stress relief, healing, and love wherever she goes. Finals can be a really stressful time for TC students, and the Gottesman …

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A Few Summer Posters 

Picking just the right image to advertise an event or offering is fun, for a picture -- true to its saying-- speaks a thousand words. It's even better when you discover a work of art from within the Gottesman Libraries historical art collections that fits the bill and communicates just the perfect feel and tempo! …

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Poster Art 

Did you know that the poster is one of the earliest forms of advertisement and it developed as a medium for visual communication in the nineteenth century? It spread rapidly throughout the world, becoming key to graphic design and political persuasion? Our archive, Pocketknowledge, has interesting documents on posters, including teaching guides and images, with the medium …

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Why Muslim Women are Reinterpreting the Qur’an and Hadith: A Transformative Scholarship-Activism 

On April 14, 2016, Dr. Nimat Hafez Barazangi returned to the Gottesman Libraries to discuss her most recent book, Why Muslim Women are Reinterpreting the Qur’an and Hadith: A Transformative Scholarship-Activism. A Cornell research fellow and Teachers College alum, Dr. Barazangi understands the value of education, especially to marginalized populations. In her talk, she explained …

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Taking a Study Break with Abby the Therapy Dog- Here at Gottesman Libraries! 

It's a busy time at Teachers College with finals around the corner. Everyone is studying, finishing projects, writing papers, and taking tests.  The library is always trying to find ways to ease the stress and frustration of finals week, whether it be staying open until 1:00 A.M. until May 9, providing complimentary chocolates for students …

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Copyright Basics for Everyone – an Overview 

Copyright graffiti - photo credit: Horia Varlan Do you have anything that is copyrighted? Have you ever written a research paper, poem, piece of music, or short story? Taken a photograph or a sound or video recording? If you've done any of these things in your life, you hold copyright on your creations. In fact, …

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By Design: Highlighting the Spring Education Program 

D esign is the theme for Socrates. Death, strengthflame,  friend, home, if you please! Fine topics equate, As we ponder our fate -- Philosopher, growing minds he believes! * * * * * * E very book talks in the Library. Dear reader, be sure not to tarry! Global or leader, It couldn’t …

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Designing Learning Spaces in the Everett Library Café 

The Designing Learning Spaces Collection is now available for perusal in the Everett Library Café. These books explore library and learning space architecture and planning, design elements like furniture, alternative classroom use cases, and even digital learning space design. These items are meant to support the Teachers College community in our redesign of the fourth …

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Tonight! The Finding Aid: Black Women at the Intersection of Art and Archiving 

Tonight at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture there is an event called The Finding Aid: Black women at the Intersection of Art and Archiving. The event features librarians, artists, and writers discussing, through a multimedia presentation, the topic of art and community-based archiving. It looks pretty amazing! Details are below... Tuesday, May …

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Visualizing Data Competition 2011 

Overview The Gottesman Libraries is looking for designers that are able to understand the implications of educational data, and will award up to 20 designers an honorarium of $500 for work that visualizes data and potentially connects it to existing or potential educational policy, the effects of such policy upon students, and society at large. We …

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EdLab Digital Art Residency (2009) 

Last year we were lucky to have four talented artists join the EdLab for its Digital Art Residency 2009.Jeff GoldensonDan ToropDan Paluska, and Christina Kral explored intersections of art, education, and libraries with us last summer, to magnificent effect. Check out the result of their explorationshere.

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Overheard (2009) 

To kick off the 2009-2010 academic year, the EdLab Design/Publishing Team put together an exhibit featuring the lesser-told stories of Teachers College, Columbia University. Overheard: An Insider's History of Teachers College ran throughout the academic year in the Offit Gallery on the third floor of the Gottesman Libraries. From the exhibit press release: In celebration of 2009 …

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Overheard: The Audio Tour (2009) 

As a supplement to the Overheard exhibit, the Design/Publishing Team produced an audio tour for new students. The tour gave students a chance to see and hear some of the sites of the secret histories uncovered in the physical exhibition.

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The Nutrition Exhibit (2009) 

In the spring of 2009, the EdLab design team collaborated with faculty from the Nutrition Program at Teachers College to create an exhibit for the program's centennial celebration. 100 Years: A Centennial Celebration of the Program in Nutrition at Teachers College explored the history of the Nutrition program, and was on view on the third floor of …

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A Year in the Library (2009) 

A Year in the Library was an information display communicating how the library's physical and online resources have been used in the past year. In January 2008, instruments were installed throughout Gottesman Libraries to track the number of people visiting the library book stacks, cafe, reading rooms, and other public areas. The sensing devices, manufactured …

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The Media Show Exhibit 

An exhibit featuring The Media Show was installed last November, and is still on view in the Gottesman Libraries. The Media Show is an online, YouTube-housed, media literacy show starring Weena and Erna, puppets with attitude. Gus Andrews is the creator of "The Media Show," the puppets who star in it, the voice of Weena, a …

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