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New Macbooks at the Library 

In case you haven't noticed, some of our meeting rooms here at the library have been supplied with brand new Macbooks. For people who have Macs at home and are familiar with most Apple products, this may be exciting news.  But if you haven't used Macs before and have been a PC user for as long as you can …

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Access Policy at the Gottesman Libraries 

Although questions at the circulation desk vary, a common question is in regards to borrowing privileges at the Gottesman Libraries. The primary role of the Gottesman Libraries is to serve the teaching, research and scholarly activities of students, faculty, and staff of Teachers College. To best fulfill this mission, access policies are in effect, requiring …

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How To Search for Items at the Library 

Finding what you need at the library can be overwhelming. Each library is unique with its own cataloging system, search engines, and other tools. Here is a quick and easy guide for how to search for books at the Gottesman Libraries using our website. First, begin at the Gottesman Libraries homepage. Be sure to choose …

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Equipment you can borrow. 

You might not realize that the TC library holds many treasures in its collection aside from books (which you would find here, in EDUCAT) or databases (which you would locate here, or HERE, by subject). You can check out laptops, cameras, web cams, conference phones (best used in a conference room, which you can …

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Submitting Support Requests 

Following up on Anne and Clare’s How-To Posts, I’m going to cover some basics of support requests A library staff member has just asked you to submit a support request. What does that even mean?! What’s the point? How does it work? The Gottesman Libraries Support Request System is an email form system that we …

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How to Find E-Reserves 

To follow up on Anne’s handy-dandy post on how to check out a reserve book, I’m going to talk about how get something from e-reserves. Instead of going all the way to the library only to possess that precious reserve book for just two hours, if a reading for your course is on e-reserves, you'll …

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How to Check Out a Reserve Book 

The economy is dour. Textbook prices have skyrocketed. Student enrollment is up at most institutions. Free copies of textbooks at libraries are in high demand. These are all things you already know.  What you might not know, however, is how to check out a book on reserve from the library.  Here is a handy guide: …

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How to start your research paper– finding “how to” books 

The other day a student came in and asked how to locate handbooks about writing journal articles (specifically, how to write articles about climate studies). I thought this particular question (not about the climate specifically, but about doing research) is likely useful to most students, and so here is a short list of tips for …

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Selecting the Right # of Keywords: a video from our friends at the Kimbel Library 

Some lovely people at Coastal Carolina University have created a series of Library Instruction videos for the Kimbel Library. If you click through to the videos page and scroll down, you can find out more information about the 3 creators (John WattsJoshua Vossler, and Tim Hodge) as well as more about their design …

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Search with Ease at the Gottesman Libraries 

This post will discuss the valuable search features found at the top of the library webpage. You can see these features below: Before you begin your search,  it's important to take note that the default for the drop-down menu is set to SuperSearch. What's SuperSearch? SuperSearch searches multiple catalogs and databases to find information related …

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NINJa Printing: Free printing on the Columbia campus 

NINJa printing -- sounds bad-ass right? Well, it is! The NINJa printing system is what you can use to print your quota at one of the many libraries or computer labs on the Columbia campus or one of its affiliate campuses! A Teacher's College student may print up to 20 pages per week (for free) …

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