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While scrolling around the internet looking for information about Eli Pariser's TED talk, I encountered an interview with Umberto Eco from 1995 in which he discusses the distractions of being able to find too much on the internet, verses stumbling upon information in what he considers the more controlled (and curated) environment of the traditional …

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PocketKnowledge Usage 

We took a look at the usage statistics for the social archive of Teachers College, PocketKnowledge.  This past summer PocketKnowledge received 11,252 visits between June 1st and August 31st. 79% of PocketKnowledge visitors were first time visitors, and 20% of visitors were returning to our archive. During this time there were 74,447 pageviews.

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A Gift for Paul Monroe 

I want to share two wonderful photographs that are a part of the Gottesman Library archive. These two photographs hail from China and were given to Professor Paul Monroe as a gift. Professor Paul Monroe had a significant impact of the development of education in China and he made many trips to China during the …

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On stairs, dents, and photographs 

A few weeks ago, while walking down the stairs from the fourth floor of Russell Hall, I noticed something.  I hadn't noticed it before, maybe because I don't look down much while walking down stairs, although I probably should, given that I always seem to have my brain focused on my phone as I roam …

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