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Columbia Acquires Author Dawn Powell Archives  ☆

The Rare Book and Manuscript Library at Columbia University now retains the archives of author Dawn Powell. The collection includes works that capture her life experiences in New York City from the 1930’s through the 1950’s. Powell, a New York novelist whose posthumous literary collection includes Gore Vidal, Edmund Wilson and Matthew Josephson, hundreds of …

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Ninja Printing at the Library  ☆

CUIT Printing Services (a.k.a., Ninja) is now available at the Gottesman Libraries!  Finally, your friendly librarians will no longer have to point to the building behind them and say "Go there for your free printouts!"  You can get your 20 free pages (or 100 if you bought the extra package) on the first floor of …

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Revamping the Image of the Librarian: Men of the Stacks 2012 Calendar  ☆

Grey bun, glasses, dowdy sweater, index finger poised to shush.  The stereotypical image of the librarian remains strong, despite the contradictory reality that it actually tends to be tech-savvy hipsters that are sitting behind at the public service desk and in library science courses with me.  The fearful and derogatory the image of the librarian …

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Merit Pay and Education: Why It Doesn’t Work  ☆

Tests. Lots of professions have them. Most tests exist to evaluate someone or some thing. If a man goes to his doctor and complains of chest pain, a likely next step would be to test the man's blood pressure. What would be unlikely is if the doctor suggested that the man get his teeth checked. …

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Moving from the Formal to Informal  ☆

Background Sophie and I met at a course in CCTE at Teachers College. At first I was drawn to Sophie's story because of her improvisational band, Forma. As I got to know her she told me about her classical piano training. I decided to focus on her evolution as a musician: in particular, I was …

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Unequal Fortunes  ☆

Ms. Laura Scheiber, Ph.D. candidate, and Juan Carlos Reyes, Executive Assistant to the President of Teachers College, on Tuesday, September 14th, read from and discussed the compelling book, Unequal Fortunes: Snapshots from the South Bronx, (Teachers College Press, June 2010). The book, which was co-authored with President Emeritus Arthur Levine, is a highly personal account …

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Expert Advice on Publishing Online  ☆

Ms. Kay Cassell, Assistant Professor at Rutgers University, School of Communication and Information, offered invaluable advice on how to find a topic; develop it into a publishable paper; and get it published. Certainly a fine presentation well geared towards students in the social sciences who are over the hump of finals and eager to spend …

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Diane Ravitch on Testing, Choice, and Public Education  ☆

As her home office in Brooklyn was being repainted, Diane Ravitch, one of the nation's foremost historians of education and a leading education policy analyst, began reviewing forty years of her writings. Yellowing scrapbooks that recorded her reflections and observations on the state of American education stimulated a fresh look at currently popular strategies of …

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