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Copyright Basics for Everyone – an Overview 

Copyright graffiti - photo credit: Horia Varlan Do you have anything that is copyrighted? Have you ever written a research paper, poem, piece of music, or short story? Taken a photograph or a sound or video recording? If you've done any of these things in your life, you hold copyright on your creations. In fact, …

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Confrontation 9: a book talk with Dr. Dilshad Dayani 

Dr. Dilshad Dayani returned to Teachers College on September 24 to present and discuss concepts from her latest book Confrontation 9: Taking on the Challenges of Work, Family, and Purpose (2014). Dilshad Dayani is the President and Founder of “World Women Global Council” and the founding Vice President of UN WOMEN-USNC Dallas Chapter. Her mission, …

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Talking About Online Privacy 

We've been talking about online privacy a lot recently, with the latest news about the NSA mining our phone and internet records. It's raised some important questions that need to be answered, not just as individuals, but as librarians and educators: How much privacy do we want to sacrifice for access to information, convenience, or …

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ALA’s frequently challenged books of the 21st century 

Each year, the American Library Association's Office for Intellectual Freedom compiles a list of the top ten most frequently challenged books in order to inform the public about censorship in libraries and schools. The ALA condemns censorship and works to ensure free access to information. A challenge is defined as a formal, written complaint, filed with …

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Smart E-Textbooks: Is it ethical to track your students’ reading? 

The New York Times reported this morning that Texas A&M is using CourseSmart E-Textbooks in class, which allows professors to track whether students open their textbooks, what pages they look at and for how long, and which passages they highlight. The dean of the school of business commented, "It's Big Brother, sort of, but with …

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Fear of censorship of federal librarians for ‘duty of loyalty’ to the Canadian government 

In a recent article titled "Federal librarians fear being 'muzzled' under the new code of conduct that stresses 'duty to loyalty to the government", Margaret Munro of Postmedia News (March 13, 2013) says that "Federal librarians and archivists who set foot in classrooms, attend conferences or speak up at public meetings on their own time …

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Women in Literary Arts 

VIDA, Women in Literary Arts, an organization that promotes and advocates for women writers, released their annual “Count” this past week. To create the Count, VIDA members scanned the bylines of a handful of top literary magazines and counted the women’s verses men’s bylines to make visual what so many of us have known, intuitively, …

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What’s Your Ethical Weight? 

I just received an email from my mother this morning in which I read a fantastic short story that I just had to share with everyone.  It was poignant, timeless and well worth the read.  The original author is unknown, but it is based on a Chinese folktale written by Demi, titled, The Empty Pot, …

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Is it a myth: Trader Joe’s as an ethical company? 

I was recently reading an NY Times article documenting the utterly dreadful working conditions endured by labourers in the Florida tomato growing industry, when an unexpected thing happened. I discovered that a roll-call of companies generally regarded as highly exploitative and of dubious ethical character - McDonald's, Burger King, KFC, etc. - had gone ahead …

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