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Earthquake for Teachers College? 

A coworker recently informed me of a fairly-inactive fault line within walking distance of Teachers College. Coined "the 125th Street fault" -- the reason the 1 train stop is elevated -- the line runs from New Jersey through to the east side of Manhattan (the East River). Though earthquake activity in and around New York City …

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The Nature Conservancy Steps Up to Promote Greener Thinking in City Schools with “Leaf: A New Anthology for Urban Environmental Education” 

High school students in cities across the U.S. have not always enjoyed great deal of exposure to learning activities about the natural world that surrounds them, largely because teachers themselves have had limited access to resources focused on urban environmental education. Fortunately, the current growing demand for green jobs in fields like environmental engineering and …

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DIS’12 Workshop: (DIY)biology, Designing for Open Source Science 

DIS’12 Workshop: (DIY)biology, Designing for Open Source Science June 12, 2012, Newcastle, UK Website: Deadline for workshop submissions: March 16, 2012 DIYbio (Do It Yourself Biology) is a growing community of biologists, artists, engineers and hobbyists who pursue biology projects outside of professional laboratories. (DIY)bio projects range from gardening and experiments with food, to creating …

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Is it a myth: Trader Joe’s as an ethical company? 

I was recently reading an NY Times article documenting the utterly dreadful working conditions endured by labourers in the Florida tomato growing industry, when an unexpected thing happened. I discovered that a roll-call of companies generally regarded as highly exploitative and of dubious ethical character - McDonald's, Burger King, KFC, etc. - had gone ahead …

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Where do conservatives get the nerve? 

First, it was creationism as a 'theory' which should be taught alongside evolution in schools; now, it's a denial of the realities of climate change. The list of baseless nonsense dressed-up as informative and informed theorizing looks set to grow with each new challenge to the possibility of 'business as usual'  - at least for …

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