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What We’re Reading: “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success” 

I just finished reading (well, listening to) "Mindset: The New Psychology of Success" by Dr. Carol Dweck. I originally found this book in the book drop some time last year. I recently picked it up and really enjoyed it. Being that the hardcover copy is rather heavy, I decided to download the audiobook. I listened to …

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Sylva Sylvarum 

Hot off the printing presses...three hundred and fifty years ago! Look at this rare tome that appeared on our desk today from the closed stack. It's the Sylva Sylvarum: or A Naturall Historie In Ten Centuries, by Francis Bacon, Viscount St Alban (1561–1626). It was originally printed in 1627, but our edition is from 1676. …

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Tales from the Book Drop: Fruits and Flowers of the Holy Land 

A co-worker showed me one of our closed stack books this summer -- bound in beautiful dark brown leather with hand-drawn and colored illustrations.  I couldn't help but wonder about the history behind it.  "Plants of the Holy Land" was written by Reverend Henry S. Osborn in 1861. As the title suggests, it is all …

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Reading E-Books: A Contemplative Guide 

Yesterday, I finished Nicole Krauss's beautiful novel Great House, a compactly written, deeply poignant book that follows the lives of a handful of characters influenced by a huge and majestic writing desk, which had been stolen from a Jewish family's vacant house during the holocaust. Whenever I read Krauss's writing, I am struck with the …

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Tales from the (Barnard) Bookdrop: Truckface #13 

For those of you considering entering the honorable/terrifying field of high school education, whether as a teacher or administrator or policy maker, you might find a zine called Truckface an educational, if cringy, read. There are a number of possible reasons for why you've never heard of Truckface, or would never know that Truckface documents …

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Tales from the Book Drop: The Sly Company of People Who Care 

As someone who often quite literally judges books by their covers, this particular title and cover jumped out at me: The Sly Company of People Who Care by Rahul Bhattacharya. That title combined with this cover prompted me to read the inside jacket: "A twenty-six-year-old cricket journalist chucks his job in Bombay and arrives in …

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What Not To Do 

Hello, fellow patrons.  This is a friendly reminder from the TC library to please remove any sticky-labels you put on pages when you drop off a book, and please NEVER WRITE ON THE PAGES even if it's in pencil.  The book pictured below came in this way from the book drop!  We really appreciate your …

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The Elements of Style: musings on an old classic 

As I was checking in items from the book drop recently I noticed that someone had returned my favorite grammar book, if one can have only one favorite grammar book: The Elements of Style.  The book is slim and unassuming (especially the version of the book we have here, which  looks like this): The Elements …

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Just Checked In: Monsters Eat Whiny Children 

Although the load of juvenile books returned this morning was enormous,  Monsters Eat Whiny Children--with its neon green cover, thick, uneven black lettering, and silly title--stood out from the rest.  Intrigued, I started reading. It tells the story of Henry and Eve, two "perfectly delightful children …

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Life Lessons in the Book Drop 

Bird by Bird: Some instructions on Writing and Life by Anne Lamont Random House, 1994 PN147 .L315 1995 TC students have excellent taste in books, which I realize every time I empty the book drop. About a week ago I reached into the book drop and discovered an absolutely wonderful book about the craft of …

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The Well-Tempered Self: Citizenship, Culture, and the Postmodern Subject 

While checking in books from the book drop today, I came across a new arrival at the Gottesman Library, Toby Miller's The Well-Tempered Self: Citizenship, Culture, and the Postmodern Subject.  A stamp on the title page reveals that this 1993 cultural studies work was received at TC on October 7, 2011--not even a week ago.  …

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This Just (checked) In: Rotten English 

Rotten English: A Literary Anthology Edited by Dohra Ahmad Norton, 2007 PR1109.A44 2007 While sorting through just-returned books and preparing them to go back on the shelves, I happened upon Rotten English, which caught my eye with its arresting title and bold red and blue painted script.  Rotten English is an anthology of literary works …

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