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Everett Cafe Book Display: Getting In Or Getting Out: College Admissions 

A friend recently related a long story about a neighbor who tried desperately to get into medical school; the son of alumni, he had all the right grades and extra curriculars, but was turned down repeatedly in every application, even by the less prestigious schools. By some strange miracle, her neighbor's mom happened to be sitting …

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Everett Cafe Book Display: Teaching About Species… and an Excerpt Concerning Scarabaeinae 

Fairy lights cast a warm glow over an appetizing spread of potjiekos, bobotie, chakalaka, and other traditional dishes, when all of a sudden a large black insect crashes to the table like a fighter plane making a forced landing. Agog amid the distress of the fairer ladies, one seemingly heroic guest earnestly grabs a meat knife, hoists it …

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(Her) Stories: Women’s Memoirs 

I wanted to curate a collection on women’s memoirs because of my interest in personal histories and their impact on communities. These stories can teach us about our neighbors, ourselves, and our collective hopes and dreams. Personal narratives can also offer a voice to those …

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Everett Cafe: The Award Goes to Mis / Representation 

The Oscars have not been without controversy, from this year’s lack of host, to surprising nominations of the best films. Like cinematic productions, awards may involve false or misleading contexts to sway opinion, even if misrepresentation is rightfully exercised through freedom of speech and artistic license. But ... you make ask... What about the larger …

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The Patriarchy: A New Everett Cafe Book Display 

The King of Spades is often considered the most powerful card in deck -- often representing an old man, master of all trades, or king of kings, whose imposing status gives him not just rigor and authority, but the means to manage even the largest of organizations. It's a fitting symbol for the Patriarch, and it …

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Everett Cafe Book Display: Dear Mr. Gerry 

"The Salamander devours his tail.." -- Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451. In Ray Bradbury's international acclaimed novel, Fahrenheit 451 (1953), we are thrust into a dystopian future where firemen start fires and are ordered to destroy books. Salamander, the name on the firetrucks, symbolizes both the fire and the firemen-- power, protection, immortality. But saving books instead …

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Everett Cafe News: Bear and Eagle: Something More Than Intelligence 

A recent EdLab seminar entitled "Bursting Media Bubbles"  informed on initiatives to present both liberal and conservative sides of current events through daily digests to better inform readers. Understanding news through a critical lens has never felt more important in a time of overflowing information, misinformation, or lack of information -- but getting to the heart of what's real …

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Snail Mail Inspiration 

If you are feeling inspired by the July/August Staff Picks, Dear Summer: Letters in Literature, here are some websites that facilitate and encourage letter writing. Postcrossing is an international project in which one exchanges postcards with strangers around the world. is a place to connect with other people looking for pen pals. InCoWriMo and Lettermo are annual …

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Everett Cafe News: Oceans of Plastic 

In early June some 80 plastic bags and other plastic items were found jammed into the belly of a small male pilot whale that died in Thailand after five days of a desperate rescue effort by veterinarians and marine officials. Mistaken for food, seventeen pounds of plastic caused the whale to sicken and starve -- a …

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Everett Cafe News: What’s Real in the Media? 

Do you cringe at the thought of another tweet about “fake news”? What with unprecedented presidential accusations about the Russian dossier, media in general, CNN in particular, and reports on government, health care, employment, and other vital issues, is “fake news” a retaliatory slap, slippery slogan, or actual state of affairs in today’s political arena? …

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Woman Interrupted: A New Everett Cafe Book Display 

A cultural icon of World War II, Rosie the Riveter represented women, including mothers, who worked in factories and shipyards to support the war effort, and then served to symbolize feminism and women's economic power. But despite solid efforts towards equality, women still face all kinds of disparity throughout their working and personal lives, be they office workers, doctors, …

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Grassroots Algorithms: A New Book Display on Social Media 

Looking into the crystal ball, we see a plethora of possibilities that may foretell the future -- good or bad -- of social media. Creativity on the up, privacy on the line, video more integrated, advertising run wild... We also can harvest data, crunching numbers to make sense of current trends and future directions of websites …

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Smoking Guns, Smoking Mirrors: A New Everett Cafe Book Display 

Several years after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, a glass store front in our NYC Yorkville neighborhood still displays the devastating sign in bold black ink, "We will always remember our little angels." Twenty miniature wax angels in Royal Stewart gowns symbolize the innocent children who lost their lives on that fateful day, December 14th, 2012, while they numbingly …

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The Common Thread Staff Picks Oct 2017 

  As a new member of the Library Services team, I am very excited and proud to curate my first Staff Picks Collection, The Common Thread: Domestic Arts and Handcraft on the second floor of the Gottesman Libraries at Teachers College. This collection examines and addresses the often overlooked wonders of fiber arts and “women’s …

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Death and Taxes: A New Everett Cafe Book Collection 

Taxes tend to send us all into a tizzy -- whether we are trying to file our own returns, seeking out the help of an accountant, or merely paying up what (always) seems to be due. For some folk, the October deadline for extended returns has just passed -- groans muffled stoically to the Government …

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Arts in Education Week 

Benjamin Pollock (British, 1857-1937)Characters, from Jack and the Giant Killer, Plate 7 for a Toy Theater, 1870–1890British,Lithograph; Sheet: 6 11/16 × 8 7/16 in. (17 × 21.4 cm)The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, The Elisha Whittelsey Collection, The Elisha Whittelsey Fund, 1952 (52.541.1(7)) I was excited to learn that …

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Everett Cafe Book Display: A Cure for What Ails You: Dr. Feelgood’s Quick Fix Elixir 

"What is Healthcare? Who should have it? Who should pay for it? Do some people deserve it more than others? Does it include mental health? What about addiction treatment? 'Healthcare' constitutes a lot of different parts of our lives; some we think about, while others only become apparent when they fall apart. With the current …

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Unconventional Beach Reads 

In my non-vacation life I read the lighter fare, the pulpier the fiction the better. I find it is perfect for the train and taking a break when work/school is too much. Which means I have to change it up on vacation. Hence my Unconventional Beach Reads Staff Picks for July/August. When I head to the …

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Unbound: Remixing the Classics 

You could be serving a mango mule (mocktail) to the tune of Moby - Go (Woodtick Mix), or dancing "Cool" in West Side Story after seeing Warhol's Campbell's Soup Cans. A remix appropriates or changes other materials to create something new, be it food or drink, song, artwork, photograph, video, or book. So, while getting creative with old …

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April Poetry for May Flowers 

From the BioDiversity Heritage Library Let's all take April’s poetry to May while we are enjoying the flowers! Ebooks: Eleven more American women poets in the 21st century: poetics across North America edited by Claudia Rankine and Lisa Sewell The poems of William Wordsworth: collected reading texts from the Cornell Wordsworth series. Volume III edited by …

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