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“From Negative to Positive”: Photos by Carolina Cambronero Varela at the Offit Gallery 

At my special request, Carolina Cambronero Varela poses alongside my favorite image from her photographic exhibition, “From Negative to Positive,” on view at the Offit Gallery, Teachers College, Columbia University through next Thursday, May 30, 2019. This not-to-be-missed exhibition, which focuses on the Congregation of the Sisters of Saint Joseph (CSJ) in Brentwood, NY, demonstrates …

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Digital Museums: the Perfect Staycation 

Intersession is upon us! While it brings a well-deserved break for those who have completed summer courses, it also brings us closer to the start of autumn. Taking a full-fledged summer vacation while balancing studies, work, and life in general can be extremely stressful, but the perfect getaway may be closer than you think. It …

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Take Another Look! The Art of the Poster 

Whether they are produced in print or electronically, posters are an effective way to advertise and promote. Graphics and text combine to catch the eye and inform prospective attendees about upcoming events and offerings of the Gottesman Libraries' Education Program. But, did you ever wonder where the images come from? While many are found "labeled …

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Workshopping RoadWork: Memories Under Construction 

Summer is officially here! It's a time where creativity flourishes and memories are made. There couldn't be a better time to experience RoadWork: Memories Under Construction in Macy Gallery. You can view the installation at any time, but the next two Thursdays - June 23 from 3-5 PM and June 30 from 2-5 PM - you can …

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Poster Art 

Did you know that the poster is one of the earliest forms of advertisement and it developed as a medium for visual communication in the nineteenth century? It spread rapidly throughout the world, becoming key to graphic design and political persuasion? Our archive, Pocketknowledge, has interesting documents on posters, including teaching guides and images, with the medium …

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Wearable Books 

Most of us librarians really...really love books. I also really love jewelry. Last week, my like-minded coworker and I visited an exhibit at The Gallery at Reinstein|Ross on 30 Gansevoort Street in Chelsea. Located in the gallery's back room, "Read and Worn: Jewelry from Books" exhibited works by five artists from around the world. Their wearable pieces had with one …

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Visiting the Cooper Hewitt, Part 1 

One morning I arrive at work to find a cartload of framed art pulled from the library's closed stacks for the Brushes with History: Imagination and Innovation in Art Education History conference and exhibit – select pieces from the Dow and Ziegfeld collections loaded up for loan to Macy Gallery. As I compile the inventory, I discover a …

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January Posters 

Just in case you're wondering…. posters for offerings of the Gottesman Libraries Education Program draw upon the historical art collections of Teachers College, Columbia University. Click on the offering or event, and you will learn what’s going on in January. Click on the title of the artwork and read “About the work”, to find details on …

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Poster Art 

What do featured databases, themed book displays, and special news exhibits all have in common? Psychology, science, culture, the arts, technology and media. You're thinking connections to research and teaching in the broad areas of education, psychology, and applied health sciences? Institutional mission ... and connections to the Gottesman Libraries Education Program! To catch the …

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Staff Picks Book Display: All About Art! 

  Do you love books about art?  Me, too!  The Staff Picks theme for the mid-November and December display is All About Art curated by artist and TC Librarian April Siqueiros.  This collection includes books about artists, art history, art appreciation, art making, and even one that intersects art and science.  Looking for more books …

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Teachers College Community School and Gottesman: Relationships Between Schools and Academic Libraries 

On March 6, 2014, 2nd graders from Teachers College Community School made their way to the Gottesman Libraries to visit the exhibit Transformations of Text and participate in the Finding the Song workshop. Transformations of Text is the work of Susan Ruth Cohen, currently a student in the Art and Art Education Ed.M. program as well as a Teaching Artist and …

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Creativity, Courage, & Arts Education 

In the introduction to A Whole New Mind, author Daniel Pink outlines the incredible paradigm shift occurring in society. He writes, "the last few decades have belonged to a certain kind of person with a certain kind of mind - computer programmers who could crank code, lawyers who could craft contracts, MBAs who could crunch …

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Connecting Educators with New York City’s Cultural Institutions: “The NYC Uncommon Approaches to the Common Core” Conference 

Local cultural institutions have a lot to offer New York City educators by supporting curriculum development in exciting new ways. Teachers, for instance, are able use the high quality resources available at New York City’s museums to get students to think critically about the world around them. When students become aware of what the city …

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Art Exhibition 

You may have noticed some new artwork in the library. The full exhibition will be installed in the fall as part of the 125th anniversary celebration of Teachers College. In the fall there will be an audio guide for the exhibition. The artist behind the work is Luis Camnitzer.

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Festival Report: Brooklyn Zine Fest 2013 

Yesterday, I attended the second annual Brooklyn Zine Fest held at Public Assembly in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The event was packed with tablers and with visitors, an impressively successful event.  Tablers ranged from independent zine authors displaying their own zines to zine distros to zine librarians (Barnard represented) to arts organizations. It was an impressive …

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Finding and Using Handbooks & Manuals (in Art Education): 

This is a short and handy guide to locating handbooks and research manuals in EDUCAT, which is the online catalog containing the bibliographic records of TC Gottesman Libraries monograph collection. How would you locate a handbook in your field of inquiry, assuming your instructor doesn’t simply present you with a bibliography? Well, I’m so glad …

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Check this out: Design with the other 90% Exhibit 

Check out this exciting Cooper Hewitt curated exhibit at the U.N. entitled: Design with the other 90%: Cities Dates: On view from October 15 to January 9, 2012 Location: Main Gallery, United Nations Visitors Lobby

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Art for Social Change 

I'll admit it, I failed miserably at imparting my enthusiasm for art in my classroom.  I truly hated that about myself as a teacher.  If only I knew what I know now, I would have read more books about art in the classroom, asked people more questions, and made more time so that my students …

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Museum Medley 

I came to Columbia University primarily to experience the city of NY which I believed to be a center of cultural energy. I was thrilled most about a laundry list of museums and galleries to explore in an attempt to culturally educate myself.  Unfortunately, a graduate education can cause a rapid decline of interests such …

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