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On the education bubble, being unemployable and in debt 

Earlier today, I came across this blog post from Penelope Trunk via LinkedIn. Penelope Trunk is an American businesswoman, author, and blogger. Her work focuses on the intersection of work and life. In her post "The Strongest Careers are Non-Linear" she makes the argument that colleges charge tons of money for school and then graduates …

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Library Service 

The article, Library Service as theatre by Cherry, J., and Calvert, P. (2012) explores the attitudes librarians have towards customer service. Cherry and Calvert (2012) took a look at past literature that has explored library service. It was found that librarians believe that quality of service is one of the most important aspects of being …

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“American Digger” Editorial 

Anthropology Today recently published a short editorial by Mike Pitts about the reality TV series, American Digger. The essay problematizes the show's representation of archaeology and its related practices. In the process it provides a nice overview of the responses and positions taken by public organizations like SAA and AIA. For instance, "The president of …

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Teaching Beauty and Power through the film “The Beauty Academy of Kabul” 

Recently, I came across an article by Mimi Thi Nguyen called "The Biopower of Beauty: Humanitarian Imperialisms and Global Feminisms in an Age of Terror," which functions as an excellent companion piece to Liz Mermin’s documentary film, The Beauty Academy of Kabul. In this article, Nguyen describes how the “biopower of beauty” is operationalized “in …

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Arts and Crafts Movement – an ethnographic perspective 

Recently I came across an interesting article about the Arts and Crafts movement that might be of interest to design educators or working on related subjects (e.g. technology studies, aesthetic theory). Written by Francis E. Mascia-Lees as part of an edited volume, the article draws on her ethnographic research among crafts people in the United …

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“Power, Knowledge, and Fear” in the Library 

A Google image search for "action figure" brings up over a million pictures of little plastic toys, ranging from typical superheros and rock stars to Jesus, Van Gogh with a patched-up ear and easel, a Hillary Clinton action figure/nutcracker, and Barack Obama fighting Darth Vader.  As these examples demonstrate, the action …

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Design Education and Sustainability 

Ideas to Think With: Marcel Vellinga and the Anthropology of Sustainable Architecture For design educators interested in the increasingly intersecting areas of sustainability, cultural politics, and the built environment, Marcel Verllinga’s article “Anthropology and the Challenges of sustainable architecture” provides a number of critical insights for challenging popular assumptions about architecture. In this article Vellinga …

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HR: A Diamond in the Rough 

Recently, as I was perusing industry articles, I stumbled on one that I thought I would share with you all simply because it was further reinforcement for me in terms of making the right decision to pursue a career in HR.  The Article, titled, Why Did We Ever Go Into HR?, gives an interesting look …

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Design Ethnography: a historical view 

Recently I came across a helpful article that I would like to share with those of you who are interested in design education. The article was written by Timothy Waal Malefyt and it was published in the American Anthropologist 2009 111 (2): 201-210. Its entitled: Understanding the Rise of Consumer Ethnography: Branding Technomethodologies in the …

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Bioengineered Bodies 

Not long ago I came across a fascinating article in the The Lancet that I would like to share with those of you who are interested in design studies and/or science and technology studies. This succinct but rich essay was written by Columbia University and Barnard College professor Lesley Sharp, who by training is a …

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Article suggestion for Design Education scholars 

For those interested in the study of design education I would like to introduce a provocative article by the Anthropologist Webb Keane. Drawing on semiotic theory and work from material culture studies Keane outlines a theoretical framework for considering how “new clothing makes possible or inhibits new practices, habits, and intentions…” and “… invites new …

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