Ethnographic Film Suggestion

| December 1, 2010

From Honey to Ashes is powerful ethnographic film exploring the social life of an Ayoreo community in Paraguay. For instructors of undergraduate courses focusing on culture, human rights, and history this film provides a powerful illustration of the complex social arena facing indigenous populations in Lowland South America. Below is a more detailed description of the films subject matter:

“This documentary provides an intimate portrait of a divided community four months after this historical event, and their efforts to chart a collective future in a context shaped by deforestation, NGO activity, anthropologists and evangelical Christianity. Self-consciously engaging a history of ethnographic representations and tropes of “first contact,” the reflexive video uses the filmmaker’s narration to reflect on the experiences and confusions of a process that remains ultimately opaque for the “new people,” for their relatives, and for the anthropologist” (DER website)

The film was produced by Lucas Bessire and is distributed by Documentary Educational Resources (DER). It can be requested via the library’s Reserves System.