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Willoby and Himrod, take 3. Our esteemed professors visit Jennifer Govan, Research Services  Librarian and Senior Librarian. They learn about Gottesman's use of social networking, moo cards, and biodegradable book bags to promote library resources and services, including  Socratic conversations, within the education program, and the Ziegfeld Collection of International Children's Art, within Historical Art …

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Meet… the other Jennifer 

Jennifer Van Tiem, Library Assistant, explains how she reads, takes notes, and summarizes the content of all documents within the historical archives to facilitate research by members of the Teachers College community. Jennifer shows Willoby and Himrod, esteemed professors,  a sample abstract from an item within the Frank Cyr collection within PocketKnowledge, the digital archive. …

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Learning about Room Assignments 

Willoby and Himrod, esteemed TC professors emeriti, want to party and dance all night. They learn from Michelle Pronovost, Russell Hall Supervisor, how to make a room reservation at the Gottesman Libraries.

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Marcelle Mentor, a graduate assistant in the Gottesman Libraries, reunites with Professors Willoby and Himrod and helps avoid a digital disaster: Himrod on the flatbed. At work on the Maurice D'Artique papers, Marcelle discusses the digitization process, including inventorying, selecting, scanning, and uploading the historical resources of Teachers College into Pocketknowledge , the digital archive. …

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