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Today in History: Gold Is Discovered in Coloma 

On January 24th, 1848, James W. Marshall (1810-1885), an American carpenter and sawmill operator, spotted bright flakes in the water as he was building a sawmill for Capain John Sutter in Coloma, California. Thought he tried to keep his discovery of gold a secret, word quickly spread. Some 80,000 immigrants came overland on the California Trail, …

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Today in History: Great Emigration Departs for Oregon 

Do you recall when you were first introduced to the Oregon Trail as a unit of study? Maybe you were in fourth grade and tasked with creating a diorama or model wagon? Or had to assume the character of a pioneer, write a letter, or visit the historic site? The Oregon Trail has long been an …

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Today in History: Mark Twain Begins Reporting for Territorial Enterprise 

Remembering my first and only journalism class, I look back and sigh; what seemed easy on the surface was nothing but tough, akin to the teacher that reminded me of an armadillo. He was hard skinned, symbolic of boundaries and shields, and completely in charge. From the minute we stepped into the classroom, the scene was set for …

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