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Learning at the Library

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Today in History: Kennedy Establishes the Peace Corps 

If you explore the Peace Corps website, and search for library or librarian among its "Stories", you will certainly find work being done to advance literacy and improve education throughout the world -- Moldova to Tanzania to Guyana. You'll read of heroic efforts by teachers to build and stock libraries; the essential relationship between libraries …

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“The End of Poverty” 

Imagine living off less than $1 a day or selling bottled water when you might not even have access to this basic resource? Given our modern cities and plentiful resources, why is there is so much poverty amidst so much wealth? What's the good of giving pajamas when infrastructure and jobs need to build and …

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Incidental Art 

My eye catches the tips of the dark mountains on the outskirts of Caracas, Venezuela, and in a blink I find myself gazing at the shanty towns hugging their sides– an imperfect pyramid of white, orange, and gray rectangles dotted by an occasional tree, smoky green under the smog and burning heat of the equator. …

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