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Today In History: Remembering Mary Adelaide Nutting 

"THE death on October 3 of Mary Adelaide Nutting, professor emeritus and former director of Nursing Education in Teachers College, marks the passing of another of the great pioneers who helped to build the foundations of Teachers College and whose influence spread far beyond this institution and their own times. In The Founding of Teachers …

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Today in History: Founders Day at Teachers College 

Writes Dean William F. Russell, in "The Re-education of the Americans" (Teachers College Record, Volume 46 Number 2, 1944, p. 75-92), "The dedication ceremonies were difficult to attend. One either had to take the steam cars on the elevated to 110th Street and Central Park, the cable and horse cars on Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue, …

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Today in History: Happy Birthday, John Dewey! 

Entering Zankel (formerly Main Hall) of Teachers College, we are greeted by the famous quote, "I believe that education is the fundamental method of social progress and reform." (from My Pedagogic Creed). And soon to our left, as we take a few steps up, we note Jacob Epstein's bust of John Dewey, presented to him by his …

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Taking a Study Break with Abby the Therapy Dog- Here at Gottesman Libraries! 

It's a busy time at Teachers College with finals around the corner. Everyone is studying, finishing projects, writing papers, and taking tests.  The library is always trying to find ways to ease the stress and frustration of finals week, whether it be staying open until 1:00 A.M. until May 9, providing complimentary chocolates for students …

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125th Anniversary: Call for Actors 

Do you have a talent for acting that is going unused? Maybe you do and you don't even know it. Maybe you just want to give it a shot. For Teachers College's 125th, EdLab is producing a series of short (2 minute, slightly humorous video re-enactments of major events in Teachers College history. The films …

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A Gift for Paul Monroe 

I want to share two wonderful photographs that are a part of the Gottesman Library archive. These two photographs hail from China and were given to Professor Paul Monroe as a gift. Professor Paul Monroe had a significant impact of the development of education in China and he made many trips to China during the …

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Building Our Legacy Together: History Will Be Kind To Me… 

"History will be kind to me for I intend to write it." --Winston Churchill Each office, faculty member, staff member and student has the opportunity to use PocketKnowledge to create an archive. The goal of an archive is to preserve and make accessible the records that comprise the history of an institution. The archive tells …

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On stairs, dents, and photographs 

A few weeks ago, while walking down the stairs from the fourth floor of Russell Hall, I noticed something.  I hadn't noticed it before, maybe because I don't look down much while walking down stairs, although I probably should, given that I always seem to have my brain focused on my phone as I roam …

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Building Our Legacy Together: Why Bother? 

"A great deal is said by some people about 'rubbish,' but one investigator's 'rubbish' may be precious to another, and what appears valueless to-day may be found highly important tomorrow." American historian Justin H. Smith (1857-1930) The archives exists to acquire, preserve and make available vital records that document the College. An archive fosters a …

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Moving to Morningside Heights 

Morningside Heights was one of the last neighborhoods in New York to be developed in the late 19th century. Farms still predominated the landscape when the newly-chartered Teachers College purchased the block on West 120th Street between Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue. Columbia University, Barnard College, Union Theological Seminary, Bank Street College of Education, The Jewish …

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Brains Before Books 

The Gottesman Libraries carry on the long tradition of service to Teachers College begun by the Bryson Library in 1887. The Industrial Education Association, precursor to Teachers College, was located at that time at 9 University Place in what is now the East Village. Miss Grace Hoadley Dodge functioned as the Association's acting president. Noted …

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