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Building Our Legacy Together: When Good Archives Go Bad 

Conflicting opinions over what documents are important can create hard feelings between the donors of archives and the archivists who process them. The New York Times reports such a contretemps between author and reporter Paul Brodeur and the New York Public Research Library. Brodeur donated his archives in 320 boxes to NYPL-R when he left …

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Building Our Legacy Together: Eliminate The Unnecessary 

"The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak." --Hans Hofmann An archive is a purposefully-assembled collection of records intended to tell a story to future researchers. Emptying file drawers into an archive actually inhibits the effectiveness of the archive by obstructing access to key documents with a surfeit …

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Building Our Legacy Together: History Will Be Kind To Me… 

"History will be kind to me for I intend to write it." --Winston Churchill Each office, faculty member, staff member and student has the opportunity to use PocketKnowledge to create an archive. The goal of an archive is to preserve and make accessible the records that comprise the history of an institution. The archive tells …

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Student Life 100 Years Ago: No Loafing Place Up Here 

"Oh! She came up to College just for fun But found before her work was done T was no loafing place up here. No loafing place up here -- Teachers College" -- Faculty Song, 1906 The exuberance of Teachers College student life has always extended beyond the classroom. Each class organized itself around a slate …

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