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Playing Out the Education Program: Fall 2017 

One hundred years ago, Teachers College hosted a Players Club, comprised of female students from various departments who were interested in dramatics. In 1918, they produced several plays, raised funds to assist war efforts, and donated costumes and properties to a Teachers College graduate working in a soldier’s recreation center in France. That same year, the …

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Education Program: Summer 2016 

Last summer we reflected on moving walls; well, summer 2016 brought an even greater, necessary reduction of programming, due to ongoing construction of the fourth floor Learning Theater and closure of the first floor which received a ceiling sprinkler system - now ready to dowse books, equipment, and furnishings in the unfortunate event of a fire. From our …

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Strage Prize 2015 with Sonali Rajan 

The Strage Junior Faculty Prize committee honors Sonali Rajan as the 2015 Strage Prize recipient. Since 2012, Dr. Rajan has served as the Assistant Professor of Health Education in the Department of Health and Behavior Studies at Teachers College, Columbia University. At TC, her work has focused chiefly on identifying patterns of risk behavior among youth, …

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A Fall Library Review! 

It was another busy and bustling semester here at the library. This past fall 7,847 meetings, classes and events were scheduled in the library making up 26,321.5 hours of room usage. This is an increase from the spring of 2013 where the library held 6,817 room bookings with 17,834 hours. The room in the library …

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Pressible As A Learning Tool 

Since I'm new to the library, I've been trying to learn everything I can about how everything works, including Pressible. I've spent the past week digging through Google Analytics, and I'd love to discuss some of my findings. I looked at monthly stats for Learning at the Library from August 2012 until now, and compared …

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A spring library review! 

It was another busy spring here at the library.  This past spring 6,817 meetings, classes and events were scheduled in the library, making up 17,834 hours of room usage. That is a slight increase from the 6,374 room bookings and 14,596 hours of room usage last year during the 2012 spring semester. …

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Balance and Momentum: Spring Education Program 

Pedaling is the way a cyclist goes forward, maybe for châteaux, grey road ribboning vineyards green in a Loire Valley August, or for sweaters, woolly spin down the salt-slippery strip into Aber town, or for work, up past the North Woods on that crazy-cold NYC day, hands like birds frozen in flight. We provide points …

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Finding and using data in your research paper 

This month, Harper's Index included some grim education statistics that got me thinking: Minimum number of exams a student must take between third and twelfth grade under No Child Left Behind : 17 Percentage change since 1976 in the test-score gap between the children of America’s richest and poorest deciles : +40 Amount Florida spent per student …

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One Horse Open: Fall Education Program 

Dashing through the Fall,  For our students and a song, O’er the library dear, Galloping along, Sounds in Everett ring, Posters oh, so bright, What fun it is to laugh and sing, With TC’eans, a happy sight! Oh, Ed Program, Ed Program, When to grow our minds, Oh, what fun it is to think and …

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Tipping the Hat… to the Education Program* 

This was some time for play,   This was some time for fun, This was some time for games, And some work was well done! All that hot, hot, hot sun, All that sun made us run. When our boss went Down to Ground for the …

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Spring Snapshot: Circulation and Room Booking 

Book checkouts are down and room booking is up according to the statistics on library circulation and space usage for spring 2012. Our most popular meeting room was Russell Hall 309, a mid-sized room situated in the southeast corner of the 3rd floor Reading Room overlooking 120th Street. In total, 6,374 meetings, classes and events …

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Spring Flowers: Cultivating the Education Program 

A trio of four-year olds arrives quietly, ushered in by young teachers. They tiptoe along the carpeted path to my desk by the southerly first floor windows, as we’re preparing a workshop on services for budding alumni. Lemon rose, coral tulip, and purple sweet william are tied in fuchsia-colored satin, an annual token of appreciation …

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Unwrapping the Fall Education Program 

Here are a few good numbers for you, Enjoy them, a present, for all, shining true, Heralding the attendees of collaborative events, From September through December On the calendar we went. In the halls of great Gottesman, With lively spirit and cheer, We donned music, displays, a new tier Of Socrates, films, scintillating speakers, Cool …

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Circulation and Room Booking Roundup, Fall 2011 

Two of the library's most popular services are meeting room reservations and materials checkouts. Here they are in numbers for the Fall semester: From September through today, there have been 13,456 checkouts and 11,646 checkins at the Gottesman first floor desk. This includes physical books and equipment like laptops. The TC Community booked almost 5,000 …

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Books and Stats about the Latino Education Crisis 

Imagine a room filled with 100 Latino students.  In time, here is what will happen throughout their education: 43 will have attended early learning programs; 53 will earn a high school diploma on time (if they are English Language Learners, the number will be far fewer), 11 will earn a Bachelor's degrees or higher, 18 …

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SPSS for intermediate statistics : use and interpretation 

Title: SPSS for intermediate statistics : use and interpretation Author: Leech, Nancy L Publisher: New York : L. Erlbaum Associates, c2008 Call Number: HA32 .L444 2008 From the Publisher: This book helps students learn to analyze and interpret research data using SPSS by demonstrating how to compute a variety of statistics covered in intermediate statistics …

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Assessment methods in statistical education : an international perspective 

Title: Assessment methods in statistical education : an international perspective Editors: Penelope Bidgood, Neville Hunt, Flavia Jolliffe. Publisher: Wiley & Sons Check it out: QA276.18 .A785 2010 From the PublisherAssessment Methods in Statistical Education: An International Perspective provides a modern, international perspective on assessing students of statistics in higher education. It is a collection of …

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