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Today in History: May Day 

….Round them and above, Glitter, with dark recesses interposed, Casement, and cottage-roof, and stems of trees Half-veiled in vapoury cloud, the silver steam Of dews fast melting on their leafy boughs By the strong sunbeams smitten. Like a mast Of gold, the Maypole shines; as if the rays Of morning, aided by exhaling dew, With …

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Today in History: Daylight Savings Time 

Although the clocks may not switch over until Sunday, March 12th, Daylight Savings Time has an anniversary on February 9th. In 1942, it was instituted by President Roosevelt as a measure to save on fuel during war time -- specifically by the whole nation for one full year -- and to be repealed almost three …

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News Display: First Groundhog Day 

It was the second morning of February. The woods and the fields were covered with snow. The wind blew from a cold gray sky. "This is the day!" said a voice from under the ground. "This is the day I make my prediction!..." -- Crockett Johnson, Will Spring Be Early or Will Spring Be Late? (New …

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A spring library review! 

It was another busy spring here at the library.  This past spring 6,817 meetings, classes and events were scheduled in the library, making up 17,834 hours of room usage. That is a slight increase from the 6,374 room bookings and 14,596 hours of room usage last year during the 2012 spring semester. …

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Spring Flowers: Cultivating the Education Program 

A trio of four-year olds arrives quietly, ushered in by young teachers. They tiptoe along the carpeted path to my desk by the southerly first floor windows, as we’re preparing a workshop on services for budding alumni. Lemon rose, coral tulip, and purple sweet william are tied in fuchsia-colored satin, an annual token of appreciation …

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