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Sensational Gods: A Winter Book Collection 

Drawn to the festive red and green, we note the powdered face of the Elizabethan court jester. The comic fool, yet not the fool in serving to provide witty insight and advice to the King, whom he may also mock. Dark eyes aslant, there’s a pursed smile…deciding, disapproving, lying? We muse on what student Burdett had in …

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Friendship: The Design and the Art of Creating Personal Relationships 

FRIENDSHIP, which seems like such a simple concept when you’re browsing at the rack of Hallmark greeting cards in the drugstore, turned out to be problematical – but rewarding -- when it was examined deeply, wittily, and movingly, at the monthly Socratic Conversation conducted by Ron Gross on Thursday, April 17th. Each participant drafted a “Friendship Credo” …

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Using Vialogues in Your Classroom 

If you are searching for an interactive video social media space to help your classroom actively (and digitally) debate theoretical concepts that emerge when watching video, look no further than EdLab's own Vialogues software. A combination of the words "video" and "dialogue," Vialogues is an interactive social media tool developed specifically for educators looking to …

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Gettysburg College Collects Blogs for Special Collections 

Gettysburg College has acquired a couple of exciting new items of Civil War interest: blogs! Yes, I said, "blogs!" The College's Civil War Institute has started a project to collect and curate these discussions of Civil War memory, which you can read more about here. Blogs and social media have often been cited as potential …

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Social Media, Privacy and the Classroom: Monday March 19th Noon 

Next Monday (March 19th) at Noon I will be talking about utilizing social media in the classroom, both as a student, and as a teacher. We will talk about Blogging, Twitter, Facebook, the Google Suite, Slideshare, and newer things like Pinterest. Because of the nature of it's use, we will talk about which of …

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18 rules of community engagement: A guide for building relationships and connecting with customers online 

Title: 18 rules of community engagement: A guide for building relationships and connecting with customers online Author: Angela Connor Publisher: Call Number: HF5415.55 .C66 2009 From the Publisher: Many organizations and businesses mistakenly believe that if they provide the tools for community engagement and interaction, a community will form on its own and ultimately …

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Mathematical Problem Solving in the Real World 

Imagine you are the head of a research division for a world renowned IT content delivery firm, providing a hugely popular web portal that reaches every corner of the globe and you are given the following challenge: a country in South America under an autocratic regime that censors the content of your company’s publication on …

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The new social learning: a guide to transforming organizations through social media 

Title: The new social learning : a guide to transforming organizations through social media Author: Tony Bingham and Marcia Conner Publisher: Alexandria, Va. : ASTD Press   San Francisco : Berrett-Koehler Publishers, c2010 Call no.: HQ784.M3 B56 2010 From the Publisher: Most business books on social media have focused exclusively on using it as a marketing …

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Margaret Bates and Teaching Research Methods with YouTube 

Can research methods be fun to teach? So advocates Dr. Margaret Bates, who cites examples of the benefits of focus groups and social media that allow people to feel safe and open up about themselves and their research topics. Using a Dodge commercial and other short video clips, Bates remarks on the significance of participant …

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Hamlet’s Blackberry 

Title: Hamlet's Blackberry : a practical philosophy for building a good life in the digital age Author: William Powers Publisher: New York, NY : Harper, c2010. Check It Out:  HM851 .P688 2010 From the Publisher:  A crisp, passionately argued answer to the question that everyone who's grown dependent on digital devices …

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