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Searching by Subject on EDUCAT 

Learning how to search by subject is a skill that can refine and expand your research capabilities for your coursework at TC and beyond. This is intended as a guide to searching the TC library catalog using subject headings, but the basic principle can be applied to any library catalog and most database searches. There …

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A Library Guide: How to Search for Textbooks Through EDUCAT 

Ever wanted to find a textbook in the curriculum section of the library but had trouble navigating EDUCAT? Me too. Thanks to Allen Foresta, librarian to the rescue, now I know! Begin your search in the Advanced Search mode. Select "Subject" from one of the drop-down boxes and enter a topic. In the example below, …

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“How Do I Find Books?” 

Ah, the eternal question! So seemingly simple, yet the world is in this hazelnut. In the library I would suggest EDUCAT, CLIO or the directory to help users find the books we may have on hand, but I also often use outside resources to supplement or compliment these strategies. “I know the book I need” …

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