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Today in History: Uranus Is Discovered 

In Greek mythology, Uranus is Father Heaven, brother of the sea god Pontus; husband of Earth Goddess, Gaia; and father of the Titans, members of the second generation of divine beings. Did you know that some of the moons surrounding Uranus are named after Shakespearian characters: Oberon and Titania, from A Midsummer Night's Dream; Ariel …

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Today in History: X Rays Are Discovered 

A human body is three dimensional, but an x-ray is two -- allowing us to see inside the human body, including the brain. Today is Election Day -- a day when we exercise our brains and civic duty -- but it is also the anniversary of a major scientific discovery by an eminent German mechanical …

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Library Resources and Services for MSTC 5001, Qualitative Research Methods in Science Education 

This research guide is intended as an overview of of library resources and services of particular relevance for students in Professor Felicia Moore Mensah's Fall 2016 course MSTC 5001, Qualitative Research Methods in Science Education. The resources, primarily electronic and accessible on and off campus, have been selected as ones supporting the objectives of the course, …

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Landing on Mars: A New Cafe Book Collection 

With the recent discovery of liquid water on Mars, comes the arrival of a new, thought-provoking, café book collection! Landing on Mars delves into amazing scientific, anthropological, and philosophical ideas concerning human travel to outer space and the sustainability of life on the Red Planet. Fast forward 10, 20, 30 years? Are you packing your bags, donning …

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Strage Prize 2011: Christopher Emdin 

This video features the work of Christopher Emdin and his new book, Urban Science Education for the Hip-Hop Generation. The book, "is rooted in his experiences as student, teacher, administrator, and researcher in urban schools and the deep relationship between hip-hop culture and science that he discovered at every stage of his academic and professional …

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Epistemologies of Ignorance in Education 

Title: Epistemologies of Ignorance in Education Editors: Erik Malewski, Purdue University, and Nathalia Jaramillo, Purdue University Publisher: Information Age Publishing, 2011 Call Number: LC196 .E65 2011 From the Publisher: "Epistemologies of Ignorance provide educators a distinct epistemological view on questions of marginalization, oppression, relations of power and dominance, difference, philosophy, and even death among our youth. The …

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Where do conservatives get the nerve? 

First, it was creationism as a 'theory' which should be taught alongside evolution in schools; now, it's a denial of the realities of climate change. The list of baseless nonsense dressed-up as informative and informed theorizing looks set to grow with each new challenge to the possibility of 'business as usual'  - at least for …

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Ready, set, science!: putting research to work in K-8 science classrooms 

Title: Ready, set, science! : putting research to work in K-8 science classrooms Authors: Sarah Michaels, Andrew W. Shouse, and Heidi A. Schweingruber; Board on Science Education, Center for Education, Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education, National Research Council of the National Academies. Publisher: Washington, D.C. : National Academies Press, c2008 Call no.:

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Welcome, Skynet Overlords! 

It was a big to-do this week: IBM's Watson super-computer was to go head-to-"15-terabyte data bank" against human competitors for fame and glory on this week's Jeopardy! At the beginning of the week I didn't give it much thought: "Meh, a computer playing a man. Big deal!" But the more I thought about it, the …

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