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A Library Guide: How to request a journal article from the closed stacks 

While many journal articles are found in electronic format, chances are you'll run into a few that are not.  What do you do in these cases?  Follow the steps below to request an article that is only in hard copy. Once you request it, we'll scan it for you and email it to you! Two …

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CD/DVD Jam! 

The days of having to remove floppy drive shields stuck in the chamber seem to have passed by. However, the CD or DVD drive is still widely used, and occasionally a disc will get stuck in it. What can you do if the drive won't pop out? There is an old "trick" (can it really …

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The Art of Data Recovery 

Have you been paying for data recovery when your warranty runs out? Services like that can run you into the hundreds of dollars in many places. However, doing it yourself has gotten easier over time. Let's assume that your laptop has stopped working. You push the power button and nothing happens. After a while you …

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