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Have Libraries Lessened the Importance of Structured Education? 

There was a time when libraries kept their books under lock and key, stored away behind gates, too precious for anyone to touch. Books were only accessible to university professors or, in the case of the Library Company of Philadelphia, benefactors. Books were still so rare that, in order to preserve them, only a limited …

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Best Free Reference Web Sites 2012 (RUSA) 

Figuring out what resources you need can be quite the undertaking, and once you know what you need you may still run into trouble trying to read or navigate them if they're not well-organized or simply trying to get access to them if your library doesn't already have them. While not every source is perfect …

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Resources for AHW 5199B Using the Past: Primary Source Documents Inside and Out of the Social Studies Classroom 

This is a virtual reference guide to resources for Timothy Patterson and Alexander Pope's Summer 2012 course AHW 5199B Using the Past: Primary Source Documents Inside and Out of the Social Studies Classroom. Coauthors: Leanora Lange ( and Anne Hays ( Table of Contents Library Catalogs TC archives: PocketKnowledge Digital archives outside TC Physical archives Library Services …

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Arts and Humanities Research Guide 

This virtual research guide is intended to provide an overview of key library resources and services of use to students in the Department of Arts and Humanities; the databases correlate with the programs and disciplines within the department.  The resources, primarily electronic and accessible on and off campus, have been selected as ones supporting research in …

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Online Library Research Course 

If you’re interested in seeing an overview of electronic and print resources available to you as a TC student, as well as a survey of approaches to doing library research, you might want to take a look at an online course titled Library Resources and Services that’s accessible through the Blackboard course platform.  (Entry to …

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