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Library Services, Fall 2015: Towards a Theater of Learning 

The library is moving steadily towards opening day for the Learning Theater, the facility that will occupy the entirety of the fourth floor of Russell Hall.   The space has been totally gutted, and construction of a fully functioning, high-tech venue for presentation, group activity, and deeply interactive constructivist educational experience is well under way; some sense …

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Library Services, Spring 2015: Commencing, Present and Past 

Teachers College Faculty And Student Group in the Grove. (Ca. 1896) Since it's the season, it seems timely to illustrate this report with photographs of Teachers College commencements from the somewhat distant (late 19th/early 20th century) past.  It is fairly remarkable to note the size of graduating classes during that early era in the College's history; it's also somewhat surprising to observe how …

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Curriculum and Teaching Research Guide 

This virtual handout is intended as an overview of of library resources and services of particular relevance for students in the Department of Curriculum and Teaching  at Teachers College.  The resources, primarily electronic and accessible on and off campus, have been selected as ones supporting research in the topical areas the courses in the department's …

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Library Services, Fall 2014: The College in Historical Context 

In past posts on the semester's library services activities, I've made an effort to use images, many from our digitized Historical Photographs collection (all of which can be found in our online archive PocketKnowledge), to put current developments in the library and the College in context from a historical standpoint. House On Mrs. McKert's Farm, …

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Library Services, Spring 2014: Users, Staff, and Technology 

My report on library services for Spring 2014 takes as its theme the intersection between library users, library staff members, and information technologies, and as in the past I've raided the wonderful Historical Photographs of Teachers College collection in PocketKnowledge to provide illustrations of users in the past engaging with technologies of the past (and …

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Library Services, Spring 2013: Connecting with our Past 

The celebration of Teachers College's 125th seems a good occasion to think about the history of services at the TC library, and to ponder how our predecessor librarians thought about their own work, whether they documented it in ways similar to how we do (and whether such records are to be found), and, perhaps most …

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Research & Information Services, Fall 2012 

Since the concept of the "home page" was first introduced to us in the mid-1990s, our library has had a number of "Web presences," all of which can be viewed by means of the Wayback Machine of the Internet Archive (at by searching by the library's old website address, i.e.,  It occurred to me …

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Library Services Highlights and Statistics, Summer 2012 

This past summer the Library Services unit maintained a low hum of activity, at the same time closing out the activities of the Fall and Spring semesters, and gearing up for the upcoming academic year.  A major focus of our efforts was preparation for rolling out a new version of Blackboard, the learning management system …

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Library Research Information Sessions 

To all TC faculty: Fellow Library Associate Anne Hayes and I are teaming up with our senior reference librarian extraordinaire Allen Foresta to offer library research information sessions to classes this summer. We tailor our information sessions to fit your course. They can take place either in the classroom or in the library, last for …

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Library Services Statistics and Highlights, Spring 2012 

Among the great pleasures of providing research and information services (what used to be called “doing reference”) is the continuing opportunity, and indeed necessity, to learn:  about disciplines, research approaches, technologies new to oneself.  I feel privileged to have been able to serve the research and information needs of members of the academic community in …

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Research & Information Services Statistics and Highlights, Fall 2011 

During Fall 2011, the Research & Information Services team delivered a substantial number of in-person, telephone, and email reference exchanges, one-on-one research consultations, and course-specific library information sessions.  The following is a summary of reference and public services provided to the academic community during the Fall semester. As of the last week in December before …

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Willoby and Himrod, take two.  Our esteemed professors meet Frank Webster, Library Services Librarian and Senior Librarian, who is answering research questions online through the "ticketing system."  Frank provides a very cool tutorial on the Gottesman Libraries Knowledge Database.

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