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Room for Debate: Are School Librarians Expendable? 

The New York Times "Room for Debate" series often features smart commentary on genuinely interesting issues. This recent edition is no exception: Room for Debate: Are School Librarians Expendable? The authors raise a number of important points: How can we prevent libraries from being undervalued when their true value is so difficult to measure? Can …

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Measuring the Value of a College Library 

This article at the Chronicle of Higher Education takes up the important question of how to determine and measure the value of college libraries. Academic departments have been increasingly asked in recent years to justify themselves by quantitative measures, like how much grant money they take in or how many articles their professors produce. This …

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The Ethics of Deaccession 

Not too long ago, the New York Times ran a story called "Deaccession Can Be Big Issue Even in Small Towns." It discusses the increasingly frequent occurrence that libraries must consider selling historical artifacts in order to make ends meet. Apart from the particular case of deaccessioning that the article focuses on, this practice …

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